Chapter 30 – Daddy’s Son… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Runaway

Chapter 30


“I’m a persistent guy, sir, never giving up, loving her like a mad man, considering her my air and everything, so yeah, I did push her to have what’s mine and give her what’s hers. I’m not the type of man to wait or go along with confusion from the other party till clarity comes. I’m the type of man who goes through all that together and show it’s the right decision as I know it. That’s why I’m a legend on all the other sides of my life, sir. When I know it, I know it. And whatever dangers I need to confront, I never let aside my woman considering it as protection to make her suffer or find her clarity. I have the balls to cover all corners and push the ship with everyone in it to the victory. So, yeah. That’s who I am. Jared? Give them to me for Mr. Shawn to see and read.”

When I mention the protection part, his eyes and breathing change as he knows I’m referring to what he did with mom and he sees I’m real in my everything. Yeah, guilt for what he did in the past consumes him.

“I said he’s my son and that mommy loves him so damn much….” Mom is beaming at me with a sexy ass wink.

Thanks, mom.

Dad is standing there with his stare fixated into mine, Alpha battle is on between us, but he’s starting to like me and put aside I’m mafia, the thing he so hates. Ha-ha!

Jared hands me the files and I hand them to dad.

He takes them not losing my stare, like reading the depths of my soul. He’s just like my baby. It’s like I’m having my baby’s eyes into mine and not her dad’s. Ha-ha!

“What’s this, son?” He opens first file.

“That’s the marriage contract.”

He’s looking at my left hand and sees again my wedding ring, now moving his eyes back on the file. Yeah, I’ve put on my wedding ring since that day. I can’t wait to glue the other one on my baby’s finger…. Oh yeah.

“Hmm…. Smart kid….” He’s reading it. Ha-ha!

“My son, Charles. Of course he is. He took it from his mommy. Ha-ha!” Mom is in utmost bliss for her son with mocking stares at dad’s back.

He ignores her, but he smirks.

Yeah, I said you’ve started to like me. I had no worries on that. And you know mom has sharp instincts. He loves mom as I love my baby…. God…. I have no news about my baby…. It’s killing me….

“Well, it does have my daughter’s real signature, and your mom did say she was a witness over that. Behind my back…. While I was hunting, honey…. You little liar…. And she says she never lies….”

Mom sticks out her tongue at his back and snorts into a silent laughter. She’s so fucking adorable.

He smirks again as he probably knows her reaction at his back. Yeah, he’s still reading from the file. He’s not escaping any word on each page, but he does it fast.

I smile and wink at mom. She sends me a kiss.

He sends the marriage contract file on the coffee table without looking, having his eyes on the other one.

“Concrete marriage contract, son. Congratulations to have balls against my daughter and for her to sign all that.”

Thanks, dad. My balls are above my baby as it should be. I’m the husband. But she took my balls with her, temporary, in her little runaway to I don’t know where yet. But I’ll collect them soon enough along with my baby…. Fuck yes….

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