Chapter 29 – Dad Is Pissed… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Runaway

Chapter 29


I send him address to my house where I am right now on mom’s phone, though mom knows it, and in a few hours, both land in my house from Boston.

“Nothing yet, boss. We’re searching outside the States, but she’s not registered on any flight with any company.”

OH! JESUS! I’M GOING CRAZY! WHERE ARE YOU?! WHY DO YOU PAIN ME LIKE THIS?! What if something happens to her? No…. I can’t fucking think anymore…. I’m suffering so damn much…. AND SHE DOESN’T EVEN CONSIDER I’M HER HUSBAND TO GIVE A TEXT OR SOMETHING! MAN!

I’m on the phone with another man of mine, head of the team processing search on my baby’s ass….

“Boss? Mom and dad are here. Dad is pissed but controlling. Mom is pissed but happy to come to her son. They’re in the living room, waiting.” Jared has just come in my office to announce me, grinning.

Dad is pissed…. I love mom….

“Keep searching and at first news, call me.” I end the call with Barent.

I arrange my shirt, buttoning it and grabbing the fucking tie to put it on.

Oh, baby…. Four days and you’ve already killed me…. Eight hours, huh? You promise, huh? Oh! My fucking heart has no room to beat anymore…. Let’s go and meet daddy…. That should be quite a show. Ha-ha! But I’m gonna win it as I always do. Watch me, dad. God…. Never thought I’ll say mom again and that I’ll be able to ever say dad. I had a mom, briefly, but no dad. That’s indeed new to me. And all this through my baby love…. Baby runaway…. Oh yeah….

Well, yeah. I don’t quite know if all this she’s doing is because of a mission or because she’s backing off to clear her mind and assess the new situation for her.

I’m fucked, consumed by all this. I can’t fucking sleep, I can’t fucking function, I’m a complete mess, I’m constantly yelling and throwing tantrums everywhere, nothing calms me down, the urge of killing people for the smallest mistakes is at high levels, I’m fucking devastated! I can’t fucking even eat! All I have to keep me going is that she loves me, I had her, and I know she’s not some whore. But even that is excruciating and not helping me! I WANT MY BABY IN MY ARMS! NOW! God…. Never, in my life, have I been like this! For nothing and for no one! THAT MEANNIE BABY! OH! When I’ll catch her… FUCKED! HARDCORE! YEAH! Oh….

I step outside the office with Jared behind me and inch to where they are. Approaching the area, I can hear them. Mom is retaliating dad….

I’m smiling as I now have a mom and she’s on my side…. My mommy ally…. Muhahaha!

“You always do it like this, Charles! Not all of them are bad! You heard Alexa numerous times for her clients! You know she never takes a case if her client is that bad or guilty of the charges! And she would definitely never fall in love and marry with one if he was like you always think about them! She’s 32! Not a teen to be swayed by feelings like some goofy baby, unaware of real world! Don’t ruin my baby’s future and happiness! And my son’s! Son!” Yeah, she takes notice of me and glows up her face at my sight, standing up with a Martini in her right hand. They’ve been served with drinks.

I smile at mom.

Well, her dad is the male replica of my baby as traits. He’s in his early sixties, but the fuck he looks like that. He’s like in his early forties, with no fucking wrinkles on his face, like mom, sporting a dark blue suit and a white shirt, unbuttoned at neck, no tie, with a trendy hair style, buffed and towering like me. They’re a beautiful and hot couple at their age, but far from looking their age. Mom is wearing same style of clothes she had at my baby’s house.

I’ll be damn… He looks like my baby love…. And she has that killer stare from him…. Ha-ha! Well, not that mom doesn’t have a real killer stare when pissed, but anyways….

Mom strolls to me in a hug and we have a warm one.

“Hi, mom. Hello, sir.”

He’s fuming, inching with his eyes how mom is with me, the least pleased, but controlling to not snap at her for how she acts with me.

He stands up while mom is kissing my cheeks as she always does.

“My baby son! Aww! Look, Charles! He’s got mommy’s eyes! Aww!”

“I can see that, honey. Hi, son.” And yeah, he’s got my Alpha attitude and all. Ha-ha!

“Take a seat.” He throws his chin at me saying that and mom frowns at him. He’s in his Chief persona with me now. Ha-ha!

“We need to talk.” His eyes sparkle in some burning flames, twisting his lips.

We’ll talk, dad. Whatever you want. My baby is mine, nonetheless.


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