Chapter 27 – My Baby Love… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Runaway

Chapter 27


With such roll of events, I succeed in terminating all twelve, having them in blood on the ground. There’s dead silence around me in the arena. These were among the best of theirs.

I chuckle looking at the dead bodies, breathing a bit erratic as I’m fucking tired, but I dart my lunatic, assassin stare at the camera with a twist of my head.

“Benjiro-san! They’ve all satisfied my hunger! 100 million for the twenty girls we’ve discussed! I’ve earned the trade! Muhahaha! And if they’re not virgins as per contract?” I lean my head at my right with a wicked smirk. “I’ll be so damn hungry….”

I wink at the camera, shake my head with my signature crazy smile and demented stare, and start walking to the exit of the arena with Jasper coming in with a satisfied grimace for our win.

I throw my sword at him, and he catches it with a bow before me.


Yeah…. I need those shots in the car as I’m having internal bleeding…. Fuck….

All other Yakuza members in public stand up, with my guys doing the same, and though they’re having some angry beast stares at me for their loss, they bow their heads.

I smirk at the main one here and wink while inching the exit.

“Nice doing business with you, Akito-san.” I’m in a straight stance, powerful in my all outside, ready to kill some more if necessary, but inside I’m whining in fucking pain and my heart is disrupting my body.

I need to reach fast the car…. I’m gonna fucking faint from what I’m having inside….

“Our honor, Rita-san.” Yeah… My mafia name is Rita Carter.

Your honor my ass…. You know whom you’re fucking with now. Son of a fucking bitch….

I keep my everything on display, the mafia queen bitch, the deadly one, and my men start positioning themselves at my back, walking out the premises.

When I see myself in the car and Jasper with Sean hop in the car in front seats, with others getting in the cars as well and all speeding away from the place, I start convulsing in pain, clenching my fists, squeezing my eyes, breathing without air, controlling to express my pain in noises, splashed on my back in a sitting position, almost sweating.

“Alexa? Alexa! Shit!” Sean notices it and turns at me while Jasper is driving at maximum speed.

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