Chapter 25 – He’s Like A Devil… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Runaway

Chapter 25


“Boss?” Jasper is driving and calling me.

“Yes?” I’m fishing out my phone and check the files again.

“He’s mafia. Head. Dangerous. Not a bad guy at core, but…. You know….”

I chuckle.

“Yeah…. I know whom I married. How big of a mafia he has?” I’m on my phone with my eyes.

“Hmm…. One of the biggest.”

Dad will be SO pleased…. Ha-ha! Oh boy…. I’m lunatic…. I’m in love with all my dad hates…. Way to go, Alexa…. But he’s mom’s son, so we’re great on that. Ha-ha! Oh man….

I shake my head in disbelief at my train of thoughts, smiling at the phone.

“He’s forged through pain and bad events. He’s a powerful man and never takes no for an answer. He does use diplomacy at first, but he never backs off when it comes to imposing his rules and wants. He is a ruthless guy, cold in emotions, ready to overtake everything that he considers it’s rightfully his. But he has a good conduit, clean records, and no shit actions as mafia guys do. No rape scandals or such. He doesn’t seem to use drugs. And there’s no info on him losing control on the bad side. He does lose control when provoked inside mafia, but on the good side of things, to restore the order.”

Yeah, my baby is like that. I wouldn’t have fallen in love with him if he was a bad one. I do have my alarm system at all times. He wouldn’t have conquered me if he was like that. Mom and Brit are right on that.

“I know…. Make sure you lose him and his cars. He’s not a giving up person at all. I need no trace over us. We’re having important business to perform, and I don’t want his ass to interfere with that or to have something on him and affect him.” I shove my phone in my jacket and lay my head at my back, shutting my eyes with a sigh.

Nice combo…. Mafia baby head and special forces head with a mafia persona as well. Ha-ha! Oh! Let’s not forget criminal lawyer…. Muhahaha!

“Yes, boss. I know he’s not a giving up person…. On my own fucking skin….” He speeds the car in line with the others in front and back, and taking dangerous turns to shake off my baby’s cars….

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