Chapter 9 – I Need Time… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Runaway

Chapter 9


“Well, you should have put more thinking before deciding over me. I told you I’m not the type since last night. I don’t do sex just like that, babe. You need to fucking suffer before considering that. To prove yourself worthy of me. Money? Status? Your looks? Have no value in front of me, honey. I have a long list of such males at a call distance if I want. Your only leverage on me, against those men, is that for you I do have certain feelings, which baffles my mind to happen that fast. But that doesn’t mean you won over me, love. You only have a chance above those men. It’s up to you how you use that chance with me. I can fuck whatever feelings I have for you and block you from my everything. I’ve never been a playgirl, and I’m never going to be one. You may be an Alpha man, used to have everything your way, but with me? All that goes the other way around. If that doesn’t sit well with you and you’re not willing to accept that my word is last to stand between us, then, send me back and let’s forget about all this. I’m fine with that. I wasn’t the one to want this in the first place.”

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