Chapter 8 – You’re Killing Me… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Runaway

Chapter 8


Gary’s call helped me come back to my complete senses and regain control over my person. No, all my feelings for Riley are the same, but I can avoid making mistakes now. No matter how much I hate Gary at some levels, I’m thankful he is like he is.

Stevenson told him what happened, and he investigated everything, but he didn’t take his word for it and continued until he reached me to be certain I’m well and not in danger.

Yeah, he would wipe out everything in his way to reach to me and save me if he didn’t have me on the phone to hear my voice and validate things. I belittle him between us because he does piss me off, but he’s in fact an outstanding prosecutor.

Only in our cases he plays stupid sometimes and uses everything just to have a trial and clash with me in court and have the meetings between criminal lawyer and prosecutor. Once he hears from the person under arrest that I’m his or her lawyer, a fucking smile covers his face. He’s the one calling me to announce me over the case and that the person is under his custody, to come and represent the person, no matter if it’s three in the morning…. He does it before my client. Yeah.

He’s a good guy, but a vicious one on so many levels. In fact, he comes from a rich family. His dad runs businesses, and he wanted him to take them over, but he wanted to be a prosecutor. Their deal is to take over if his dad, one way or another, won’t be able to deal with them anymore. He’s the heir of an empire.

But Gary sends his dad to regular doctor checkups each month and has a close watch on his health to have free way on his prosecutor career. He loves it.

No, mom doesn’t know about his backstory, hence favoring him. She just does. Gary keeps that on a low profile and not many know about that even at his work. He became what he is on his own skills, not because of his background. However, I just didn’t and don’t have for him what I have for Riley. I can’t explain why, but this is how it is.

After the Mafia situation with my kidnapping, a few days later, we had a meeting in private. I didn’t want to go, but I said hey, he did cover the case to not have my name involved and dealt with the entire mess. I wasn’t guilty and it was in self-defense, but to have all that in my files, it wasn’t good on some aspects.

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