Chapter 21 – Some Lawyers Are Crazy… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Runaway

Chapter 21


I’m in a bull fight of stares with William and things will materialize in a few seconds, once my baby will understand and step aside.

With this fucker, there’s no talking about it, he understands only the law of the fists and who wins over that. He’s not here for his lawyer, he’s here for MY WIFE!

I know him too well to confuse things. He has never rebelled against me. It’s his first time. He said yesterday on the phone that Alexa is his woman for the last four years. That he claimed her before I did. And I’m the one in the wrong here, crossing the rules.

The fuck I won’t kill him now after his coming here. I have been a bit chilled regarding him after being with my baby, and gave up on the idea of actually killing him, but now? He’s dead meat.

My baby is not willing to make way for me to put an end to Will’s misery. I could order Jared to start shooting at them and end it, but where’s the pleasure in that? My heart is on some kickboxing notes, and I can see before my eyes what’s next.

“No, baby. He needs his lawyer now. Your wife will excuse herself for a few minutes while I’m with my client. I’ll be fast about it.” She’s taking her hand from mine without moving her stare from William and hands me her purse. “Hold this for me for a bit, please.”

Baby? What are you doing? I’ll end him quickly and then we can go and have breakfast…. All fuckers decided to interrupt my moments with my baby. Gary, now this fucker. I’ll fucking kill them all.

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