Chapter 20 – I Need My Lawyer Now… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Runaway

Chapter 20


I feel he’s covering us with the duvet and taking me on him, tight in his arms, kissing me and saying something, but this is all I can gather before I fully step into sleeping. I don’t even want to know what time it is….

I’ve been dreaming about a lot of things, including about Hannah and my non-lawyer persona. I go so deep into these dreams that I’m not in touch with my current reality anymore, the one including Riley, though you can’t fucking forget what has just happened between us. No one could. But hey, it’s me, so, yeah.

I’m out of reality and when I feel someone is kissing my lips and cupping my face….

What’s happening? Who’s the fucker? I have the gun under the pillow, one under the bed, and one in the drawer on the right side of the bed. How the fuck did he come in?! Who the fuck dared to do this to me?! HE’S FUCKING DEAD!

“Baby? Come on…. Let’s have breakfast, my love.”

What?! Who the fuck is he?! But sounds familiar…. Calm down, Alexa. Let’s not kill him before coming back to senses.

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