Chapter 17 – I’ll Have Everything… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Runaway

Chapter 17


I throw my chin at him, speaking between my teeth.

“Tell him to go and fuck himself before I fuck his life straight to his grave.”

Yeah, Carlisle is one with power and never caring of the consequences. He’s one who throws himself in a fight like a bull, not considering if the other party is or not above him. He’s a crazy dog. I’m at my limit with him.

“WILLIAM!” Riley thunders. “DO YOU HAVE A FUCKING DEATH WISH WITH ME?! YOU FUCKING SHUT THAT MOUTH UP OR YOU’LL HAVE NONE TO USE! DON’T FORGET WITH WHOM YOU’RE SPEAKING TO, FUCKER! I DON’T GIVE A FUCK ON WHAT YOU THOUGHT OR CONSIDERED AS YOUR WOMAN! SHE’S MY WIFE NOW! AND IF YOU DON’T RESPECT THAT, PREPARE YOUR FUCKING FUNERALS! I’m sending MY men there now to get that boy. If you don’t give him, I’ll fucking destroy you to the ground with your everything. Prepare him in ten minutes. You’ve been warned.” He hangs up the call and makes another.

He’s so damn angry, going to the window, shoving his left hand in his pocket.

“Jared? Send men to William to get a boy right now. After the boy is taken, shut down his clubs. I’m at war with him now.”

I interfere, as that is a major war starting.

“Riley? Resume at the boy. There’s no need for a bloodbath. I know William. Don’t get provoked by him. He can say whatever he wants. None is true. That’s what matters. Call off the other part.”

He’s with his back at me in silence. He ends the call and I’m shaking my head with a sigh.

I stand up.

“Men and their fucking balls. Because of a woman. That kid went into this because of a woman, too. If the woman is fucking stupid, just let her do whatever and distance yourself from her. But no, Carlisle needed to show his rabid balls on the kid. And now, you get into a major war with that fucker because of some nonsense he said. Fucking chill your balls all of you and think straight. Many murders would be prevented if men had no itching balls and used their main brain at times.”

“Well, baby. My balls are on fire. And it’s not because of a woman. It’s because of my woman. Any other woman, even if I did have sex with her, wouldn’t send my balls in this fire and act like this. It’s because you are that woman. Just to be clear. Nothing in this world is above you in front of me.”

I’m walking to his wide frame of a back, smiling, wandering my eyes on him.

He’s serious, glaring on the window, contracted, breathing in rage. He’s so damn sexy…. And I’m burning to kiss him. I’m on the switch of things inside now…. I’m crazy, I know. Ha-ha!

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