• April 28, 2022

Chapter 16 – I’m Frustrated… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Runaway

Chapter 16


“Oh! I’m so happy! My babies! Married! I’m a son mom, too! I’ll be a grandma! Oh! I think my heart is playing my system…. My son! Come to mamma!” Mom is ballistic with joy.

Her cheeks are red. Her blood pressure is up alright. She’s cupping his face and kissing his cheeks with Riley laughing and hugging her. She’s staring into his eyes now with a happy mom smile.

“He even has my eyes! My son! Aww!” She’s kissing his cheeks again…. Stamping them.

I would kill him right now…. I think I were a jealous big sis if I would have a baby bro. Killer big sis…. I’m so sane right now, right? I agree with whatever you’re thinking. Since meeting Riley, only sane I’m not.

I’ve signed the contract with mom next to me, reading the entire volume. He hasn’t lied when he said no escape. This contract is as hard as a mountain. Unbreakable. And now, I’m a married woman. After only two days of knowing him. When people marry in Vegas, they are generally drunk or high, hence the fast marriage. I’m not in Vegas, not drunk, nor high…. Yep.

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