Chapter 14 – It’s Hard For Me To… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Runaway

Chapter 14


“Alexa! Baby! Where are you?” A woman’s voice from downstairs wakes me up.

I seem to have fallen asleep at sunrise. I couldn’t sleep all night, tormented in wants and in a punishing fire.

She’s still in a deep sleep on me. She hasn’t heard the voice.

Who would that be? Jared is instructed to let no one in the house. And the woman seems to be close with her by her calling and having access in the house.

I glance at my watch and it’s nine in the morning.

“Alexa! What’s with those men outside, baby? This child….”

She’s her mom for sure….

She’s still downstairs with a loud voice. I take my baby lawyer in slow moves off me but she’s hearing her mom now and waking up but still not opening her eyes, licking her lips, frowning a bit, groaning.

She’s so damn sexy even when she wakes up….

She’s still a bit on me, but she appears to not realize this.

“I’m coming! Weren’t you in Boston? I knew she would come here this weekend….” She’s moaning in despair.

I’m laughing under my lips at her and when she does come back in contact with reality, her breathing halts and her eyes pop at me.

“What?! Shit!” She’s looking between me and the door. Now back at me, seeing me without a shirt.

I’m fucking amused at her reaction. She’s like a kid caught by her mom doing something bad! Ha-ha!

“Alexa!” She’s coming upstairs by her voice. “Why did those men stop me outside? I trashed the head of one of them with my purse…. Like I’m not allowed to come inside my own daughter’s house….”

Yeah, she resembles her mom in attitude. Ha-ha!

Her mom has almost same voice as hers and that youthful tone. She’s in an annoyed tone of voice.

“Riley? Put something on you!” She’s in a low voice, getting down the bed, tripping a bit. “Jesus….”

I’m laughing.

“Baby? Calm down.”

“Shut up and put something on you! Right now! I don’t need a river of questions! You don’t fucking know my mom! And no, it’s not because she would be against such things! On the contrary! I would not stop her mouth for hours! She’s fucking hunting me down to find something on me with someone! She wants a son-in-law since forever!” She’s in a low voice, grabbing a jumper to dress with, with such speed that you wouldn’t believe possible. She’s so damn sweet.

I’m taking my shirt and dress with it, not escaping with my lunatic-in-heats eyes from her.

She’s in a total panic. Ha-ha!

“You wouldn’t believe the files she has on each man who wants me, and how she sustains their person in front of me to persuade me to choose from! I need no in-depth analysis over you, and then a trial case between me and her.”

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