Chapter 10 – Jesus Christ… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Runaway

Chapter 10


What’s the matter, baby? What’s keeping you like this?

I’m having her in my arms, observing her reactions, not comprehending why she’s cutting off her feelings and backing off, on reason she needs time. I’m mounting mountains with high peaks of heat, want, need of her. Each second feels like months of waiting, and each minute years.

I never told someone all I’ve just told her about me and my past. Only a strict number of people know, and not even those all the details. That much I love and trust her. And I’ve never said ‘I love you’ to someone. Only to my mom when I was a kid. Not that I had the chance to tell my mom after…. Just to her grave when I visit it each year on the day she was murdered.

Baby lawyer seems to have a panic attack from the signs on her and the fuck I understand why. It’s not because she’s afraid of me. She’s one strong woman and she does have the ability to fight a man my dimensions. She wouldn’t be able to do to me what she did to others, but she’s a fighter and she owns that killer, cold gaze which is a signature of the tough and rough people.

“You don’t have a search warrant! You can’t just barge in a private property!” That’s Jared’s voice at the main entrance.

Both me and my baby look into that direction with me holding her and she’s with her hands on my arms. We’re in the kitchen as you know, and there’s a distance from the main entrance to reach here.

Who the fuck dares to come here?!

I’m in my bull, Mafia, assassin stare at the kitchen’s door with my blood rioting in kills. I want my baby and her love and her trust and all of her, and THIS FUCKER COMES HERE!

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