Chapter 24 – You Cute Son Of A Bitch… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Precious

Chapter 24


While he’s speaking to me and I’m looking into his loving eyes, a bad feeling is shaking me inside.

Though I’m listening and glaring into his stare, wanting to kiss him right now to be completely honest, my heart is ringing in dangers and I’m focusing my hearing and all my surrounding perceptions to spot where is it coming from. He’s so damn heated up as his hand is burning more than ever on mine and he’s in that state of mustering control over himself to not go against my will and be understanding.

That bad feeling is intensifying and I jump on my feet, pretending to go to him and kiss him, with my stare burning into his and he’s in awe, not comprehending what got into me, but the fuck he minds, not saying anything. We’re alone on the terrace and even his people aren’t in sight.

I’m walking to him.


“Yeah, baby? What….”

I grab him by his suit jacket and part of his shirt and send both of us on the floor, him on his left side with the chair and me on my belly right before gunshots crash the air.

“We’ve got company, baby.” I’m taking my guns out and knowing from where the gunshots came, when I stand up, I’m killing the fuckers in seconds.

“Baby! No!”

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