Chapter 23 – I’m Proving It To You |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Precious

Chapter 23


He’s fucking serious…. But…. I think I’ll have a panic attack only my ‘precious’ can give to me.

I’m continuing to read every single page and I’m trying to contain myself. I’m in a serious all right now. Well, not that I’m not serious all the time, but you guys know what I mean. It’s an official marriage contract, giving me half rights over everything he has, like in everything as even his over a hundred companies are listed in here.

I reach the part where there’s no divorce allowed, under no circumstances. And there’s a part over cheating and separation as well. For separation, it’s not allowed to leave the house and move somewhere else or sleep in different bedrooms. Hence, no separation allowed. For the cheating part? Well, if he does it, I get full ownership over everything he owns. There’s a number of instances listed on types of cheating in such details. If I do it? I’m house arrested. Ha-ha!

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