• April 25, 2022

Chapter 22 – Tables Shall Turn Around… |Members Only| Billionaire Alpha’s Baby Mate

Chapter 22


I’m smashed in my all because of what her Jasdelleah is confessing to me. I’m between angry and mourning to hear of all that…. How the fuck could this happen, right? And WHY should I be the one stigmatized for a past fucker doing all that?! HAVEN’T I PAID ENOUGH ALREADY WITHOUT EVEN DOING BAD THINGS?! HUH?! WHAT MORE DO I HAVE TO PROVE I’M NOT A BAD FUCKER?! FOR FUCK’S SAKE!

But yes, my opinion is that the one talking to me in my mind is the voice of the Jasdelleah bloodline, and the one talking through my baby’s mouth, with such coldness specific to them when on a mission for a right assessment and justice, is in fact my baby, her true Jasdelleah, the one hurt and betrayed, keeping it for the mission’s sake and not for our bond. The voice of her bloodline is trying to bridge between us and shed light for me over some things as they know I’m not like Varahah fucker, but she won’t accept it, hence blocking it to prevent bad and wrong actions to take place from my baby against me. I do understand it…. But…. IT’S FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE TO ACCEPT IT! LIKE, COME ON, MAN! WHY ME?! WHY US?! FUCK!

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