• April 25, 2022

Chapter 21 – Why Would All This Happen To Us Both?! |Members Only| Billionaire Alpha’s Baby Mate

Chapter 21


Her Jasdelleah is in full charge, scanning my soul through my eyes, assessing the situation, keeping me still and frozen on the spot, unable to move or make a sound. Just my thoughts are free. Yet, I’m banned to express my mate bond to her Jasdelleah. Denise isn’t hearing my thoughts, her Jasdelleah is hearing them. Her Jasdelleah isn’t sharing my thoughts with Denise. But, as I said, Denise is hearing what is coming out of her mouth to me, just that it doesn’t make sense to her.

Her Jasdelleah blood has sensed the demons and demon blood and bonds, and by instinct, because she’s awakened, the hunt for her blood has begun to right the wrong. She can’t explain to herself what’s happening because her Jasdelleah overruns her. A Jasdelleah cuts evil from the root in an instant. She’s a death walker for those in the wrong. Jasdelleah is a protector over the innocent and victims, no matter their supernatural nature or simply humans. As long as you’re not reigned and ruled by evil on your own, you’re safe and she fights for you to unchain you and allow you to regain your freedom. Yes, and she revenges you as well…. They are so damn powerful in the supernatural realm, that’s why whoever ordered for their elimination had done it. Jasdelleah battles evil like a motherfucker and fucking wins at all costs. That’s a Jasdelleah’s main mission in their existence.

Her aura is fucking black, man…. Full black…. She might clash in a raw fight with Astrid at first sight if she can’t fucking control it…. He’s fucking pure evil…. Shit… She’s now separating the twins she’s been seeing in my eyes, to see which one is the demon and who’s the fucking angel….

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