Chapter 20 – It F*cks My Brains And Reason, Man! |Members Only| Billionaire Alpha’s Baby Mate

Chapter 20


“Well, the owner of the dog is our big boss, Astrid Serapho. They are quite inseparable in a way. Like twins….”

Smart bastard…. Yeah…. Tell her about that…. He’s not my Beta for nothing….

“They are the other half of each other….”


“Angelos is the most precious possession of Astrid. I’m sure he went nuts last night when he didn’t find him in the main house….”

Especially when he found his fucking room all trashed and pissed over…. Ha-ha! Oh, I’m precious to him alright…. He’s using my fucking essence for everything he’s got….

“Ha-ha! Because Angelos decided to welcome our newest member of the staff.”

My baby love…. I’ve welcomed my baby love…. Please, baby…. Hear me in your mind…. Angelos here…. Baby? Not hearing me? No? Fuck….

Yes, all this time I’m with my eyes glued to my baby’s, but I’m hearing the fucker speaking about me….

“He really fancies you.”

I don’t fancy her…. I adore and love her…. Oh…. My love…. Hear me, baby, pleeeease…. Pretty pleeeease….  

“Last ones got a bite on their asses to run for the moon! Ha-ha!”

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