Chapter 19 – I Want To Turn Back To My Human Form… |Members Only| Billionaire Alpha’s Baby Mate

Chapter 19


“I’m so sorry, Donovan! I was in the bathroom to brush and tie my hair! Ha-ha! I didn’t hear you at first.”


No, he doesn’t see me yet as I’m in the middle of the fucking room, watching perplexed how THIS FUCKER is SO INTO MY BABY, MAN! Well, I can’t condemn him on one hand as she’s someone you simply can’t resist to. Her magnetic field of energy is so damn strong that you just revolve around her without possibility to refrain or reject it. She’s having such a pure and full of light aura that you NEED that in your damned life, no matter who the fuck you are.

But yes, that is also one, that for the ones not agreeing with that type of people, the evil ones, turn against her and want that essence of hers into their malefic wants and intentions. Yet, my baby is a strong one and she can’t really fall prey to such fuckers. Well, not totally sure yet, as she hasn’t met Astrid yet, who’s such a malefic motherfucker that you wouldn’t believe possible.

To be honest, I’m a bit or more concerned for when she’ll face Astrid. I don’t really know how she’ll react to him. That bastard is such a fucking snake, breaking souls after souls, no matter how strong those people are.

Yes, she’s awakened now to her own supernatural side to some levels, but even so, she’s unaware of how to use it and protect herself through it. All she’s having in the first stages of it is just instinctive and automatic responses before threats that her blood responds to. She’s not mastering it to use it per her call and order against supernatural creatures of all types.

All she’s relying on at this moment is her own training of what she’s become as a human and focusing on her own mission here. But she’s not in the truth of what she’s actually dealing with when it comes to Astrid. He’s not a fucking simple human…. He’s a fucking Demon hybrid with Alpha werewolf blood. Not an easy one to deal with in any fucking way. It’s almost impossible even by the strongest with trained supernatural abilities, on high levels of it. If it were that simple to put him down, he would have been out of breath for fucking decades. Because he’s using me, he’s fucking invincible before everyone…. That son of a fucking bitch of a brother….

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