Chapter 11 – Such Thrills… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Little Devil

Chapter 11


“Boss?” Thompson’s voice is marking his presence behind a door. He’s probably outside the door.

I can’t stand you either…. Fucking gangsters…. But they did the right thing with the people in there and breaking the door to help me…. They’re not that bad as their Mafia name precedes them…. Hmm…. THE FUCK AM I THINKING?! THEY’RE BAD! THE CRUELEST MAFIA OUT THERE! SHUT UP YOU FUCKING HEART! I DON’T CARE! JESUS!

“Yes?” He’s caressing my face and I can feel his blazing stare on me. To be honest, I’m thankful he’s with his hand on me as it’s the only source of heat touching me. The rest is coldness, like death coldness….

“Is she better?” He doesn’t come in, but he’s genuinely concerned for me.

I would fucking kill all of you…. I’m fine…. I’ll be better with time….

“Should I send the doctors in there, boss?”

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