• April 23, 2022

Chapter 10 – You Can Come And Take Him |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Hacker

Chapter 10


I’m motioning my head left and right for all this is too much on me. I’m not changing my stance and everything. I don’t want to fucking see him. Plus, I’m almost replicating Sarah’s event for the passing out, but having a different reason for it.

“Well, flash news, honey. You’re my wife now. I have rights. You have rights. I have responsibilities. You have responsibilities. The contract is for a real marriage. I’ve read it all, and I’m sure you did the same.”

Can someone give me a fucking gun something? I would end the fucking contract in the heat of a bullet on the Royal Ass…. Ha-ha! I’m so fucking crazy…. But yeah, I would do it right now…. Fuck yes….

He’s playing the words to give the seriousness of it, the legal aspect of it, but also with the touch of a fucker, playboy. I would so fuck him right now…. I’m imagining how I would launch him out of the window, from the 20th floor, and laughing like a bad, evil witch for it…. You guys like my sick imagination at this hour and having my health state, right? Yeah, well…. I’m sorry….

I’m in a smiling, whatever kind of voice.

“Well, honey, among my rights over you, is there one where I’m allowed to kill you? That would remove part of my life’s problems. I promise I’ll give you the funerals to match your Royal Ass status. Have no worries over that.”

He’s chuckling and I’m almost falling asleep like this on the chair. Well, feeling weak, eyes shut, with my head at my back, lacking energy…. Perfect recipe.

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