Billionaire's Baby Eternal by Andra-Cristiana Stan

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Billionaire's Baby Eternal by Andra-Cristiana Stan
Billionaire’s Baby Eternal by Andra-Cristiana Stan

Chapter 10


“Fucking shit! Hang in there, my love…. Daddy is going to fucking fix it!” I lay her on the bed and turn around with my demon self charged at maximum, walking in rage to the terrace doors.

What she doesn’t know is that in this lifetime, I’ve done so many good deeds for the Divine in exchange for favors. Treaty favors. And at the same time, I’ve taken reign over many Royal Demon Princes to increase my fucking powers. And at the same time, I’ve become a real hybrid of Angel and Demon. My people don’t know, only Jason knows as he’s like my brother and my most loyal subject since forever.

And now? I’m fucking calling in for a favor from the Divine for my baby. First time doing it. If they refuse? The most hideous war is in sight…. This time? I won’t take the loss of my baby…. I’ve been hurt so many times because of it. I’m not undergoing it again. FUCK NO!

The moment I’m approaching the wide doors, they fly open, shattering the glass. I’m so fucking enraged with my heart twisting in pains as I’m feeling the bond with my baby vanishing…. My heart is fucking crying….

“MARASEI! COME HERE! NOW! IF YOU DON’T COME?! WAR, BUDDY!” I’m with a rabid dog stare at the sky, breathing in killings.

A thunder pierces the sky and in the flash of a second, before me, one of the most powerful angels, flutters his wings and closes them at his back, wearing a warrior uniform and a crown around his head for his status. This fucker used to be under my baby when she was above.

His jade with blue eyes are confronting my red and dark blue ones and we’re fuming at each other. Yes, we can’t stand each other, obviously. He glances at the bed behind me to see my baby without breath and he clenches his jawline. He’s my dimension, and also a handsome fucker with wavy blonde hair. And he’s having his divine sword on him.

“Why did you call me, Saradossa? She’s already dead. I can’t do…” Before he can finish his sentence, my right hand grabs his fucking neck and I tilt him in the fucking air.

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