• April 22, 2022

Chapter 47 – You’re So Dead… |Members Only| Bloody Hunters Saga

Chapter 47

“What?! Are you crazy?! Do you hear yourself? How did I fuck? How did I fuck your life? And how the fuck did I make you lose your dad? As far as I remember, I brought him back to life and protected him and the company all these years! That’s what you call it? What’s wrong with you?!” His head was splitting into two.

“Oh! I’m also crazy! That’s perfect! Well done!” She fetched an armchair and threw it onto him. “Just to strengthen your diagnosis over my mental state! You asshole!”

He moved to the side, avoiding it.

“Tz-tz….” He really didn’t get any of it.

“Don’t tz-tz me!” She raged.

“What’s the meaning of this?!” He asked one more time.

“I fucking saw you in the cave, you smart ass! There!”

He became serious hearing that and a bit calmer.

“With your fucking bitch! Let you two have a bonding moment for old times’ sake! There! I should have killed you two on the spot! Two bitches! That’s what both of you are!” She had watery eyes but raging.

“Vincenzo came into my office, threatening me that if I don’t choose him as husband as I was sold to him, he would kill my father a second time, as it appears he brought him back to life to get to me! How he did that, I don’t know! I tell him that I already have a loving husband and kicked his ass until he disappeared, but not before he was, as per his words, a gentleman and gave me one more week to reconsider his offer. So, my father could be alive at the mercy of that demon! Then, I go into a mission, and guess what?! Saw your conversation with that traitor, telling you all the truth about me, you kill him, and then the bitch appears and you get sentimental just because she sweettalked you, seduced you a bit, and you were playboy mode for old times’ love! Who the fuck is your wife that you forced to marry you on the reason you love her?! Huh? Oh! I’m so killing you, you son of a bitch!” And she jumped on him, ultimate hunter mode, sending him on the walls, crushing him.

He let her vent for a while, not reacting to her. At one moment, he grabbed her and put her down on the floor, on her back, with him on top of her, nailing her hands with his.

“Have you had enough?” He was looking deep into her hunter eyes.

“No! After you’re dead, then I’ve had enough!” She frenetically moved to escape his grip.

“Mika….” He interrupted her verbal train.

“No Mika!” She continued.

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