• April 22, 2022

Chapter 45 – A Calm Voice Predicting Nothing Angelic On The Way |Members Only| Bloody Hunters Saga

Chapter 45

He drove in silence for a good thirty minutes when they reached a coffeehouse opened around the clock. He stared at her for around ten minutes.

She was sleeping like a baby. Her chest would go up and down slowly. A little snort came out of her and he chuckled in silence. A strand of hair rebelled on her forehead and he fought the instinct to not remove it to no avail.

He just couldn’t control himself. When he reached the strand of hair and wanted to put it at its right place, she woke up yawning and stretching, making him stand back and clear his throat.

“We reached the place, Mika. The best coffee and sandwiches are in there. Let’s go!” He threw a warm smile and opened the door on his side, getting down from the car.

“Really? OK. I’m in.” She yawned some more, and Drake opened her door. “Thank you, buddy.” She was getting down and stretching some more with the cold morning air chilling her a bit.

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