Chapter 13 – It’s So F*cking Weird! |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Warrior

Chapter 13


If you’re wondering about my attack at sixteen, no, it isn’t recorded anywhere with my name on papers. It’s under Mafia gang fights. They didn’t know which Mafia fucked the bastards. But them being Mafia, having previous such records, police concluded like that.

My mom’s best friend, Claudia, is a Mafia wife. Her husband is a boss. Not like this fucker, but he has a high level, too. Mom called her that night and told her what happened the moment I reached home.

I was so fucking shaking, lunatic for the events and that…I killed. Yeah…. I beat them up and shot them with one of their guns when I took a chance of having one in my hand during all that. It was a fast craziness and I just reacted. I went by instincts and I had only one thought in my mind, ‘I need to survive this no matter what. It’s either me or them.’

You can’t think or take into consideration that you might be labeled a killer yourself while that is upon you.

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