Chapter 10 – F*cking Gangster… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Little Devil

Chapter 10


I’m pretty bad hit. Not my first time, but hey…. They came for me, during daylight. They’ve sensed it’s a perfect moment as my emotional state was on a low wave because of the bastard. Plus, I didn’t have any demon weapons on me to avoid a full physical confrontation. Not a problem for me, but I do let room for direct attacks on me.

However! I did put them down and sent them back to Hell, right? Muhahaha! No one fucks with Kallard…. I may be the last one, I may be a woman and not a man, but I’m too damn lunatic to lose a battle. No matter how injured I am, and even if I don’t possess a chance of comeback, I do it and whack the fuckers. Always. My will is impenetrable. If dad were alive, I would have put him down. That strong I am. Stronger than even he was. My daddy…. I miss them so damn much….  

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