Chapter 17 – Jasdelleah Is Here To Serve Justice For The Light And Fuck The Darkness In Pains…|Members Only| Billionaire Alpha’s Baby Mate

Chapter 17


I turn my surprised stare at Donovan with a gap between my lips, like just now I have put everything together from what he has been saying while my thinking processes rolled, taking my hand off Angelos’s head; the “dumb” and “delayed” Denise I need to play on these people during my stay here. Muhahaha! Anyways….

“Wow! I do hope I won’t have problems with the boss. I swear I didn’t trap the dog in here. He just came to my door out of nowhere and I didn’t know what else to do at that hour but to let him stay till a reasonable morning hour to have someone telling me what’s up with him.” I do have a bit of precipitated attitude, like being found in the wrong with Astrid’s dog, his most precious possession as Donovan has deemed him to be. Muhahaha! Oh…. I’m such a great actress when needed….

But yeah, I’m not lying over here on the essentials. I didn’t call the dog here, I didn’t trap him, I didn’t know his name, I didn’t know he’s Astrid’s most precious possession, and all that.

Well, I’ve figured out he is Astrid’s dog for sure because I did find him in his office last night. So that, yeah, I knew. Only the name “Angelos” I didn’t know, and the story I overheard from those three fuckers outside last night, making it sound like Angelos is in fact a pain in the ass man against Astrid, and not a fucking dog as he fucking is in reality. Anyhow….

I just ‘lie’ over the things I need to cover up and keep my Denise persona in safety around here. I’m not doing anything bad to anyone. Or killing someone by doing it. Well, not killing anyone yet, that is. But that wouldn’t be considered because of my lies…. It would be because of their ‘lies’ and such they need to pay for in the ultimate way, unfortunately…. ‘Cause that’s how it goes once I’m sent somewhere, as you guys have already seen last night…. Yep. People like me are the walking death to bad, really bad, motherfuckers….

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