• April 18, 2022

Chapter 16 – He’s Cute, This Bastard… |Members Only| Billionaire Alpha’s Baby Mate

Chapter 16


My head gets another strike of hardcore dizziness with my stomach clenching and my being having the feeling like getting sucked up by the fucking floor, while the dog is with his snot on my right thigh, sensing my sudden change on “health” state, and Donovan is calling my name again to open the door for him.

“Denise? Not awake yet? It’s kind of late…. Denise?” He’s changing his happy voice to a worried one, knocking harder on the door.

He seems to haven’t noticed the previous barks and whimpers of the dog inside. That’s fucking strange…. The dog hasn’t kept it low, as you can imagine.

I’m with my hands on my knees, shaking my fucking head, attempting to keep my fucking eyes open, widening them, and exercising breathing to gather my shit together and avoid another row of what happened to me hours back because of that fucking claw injury on me.

Jesus…. Fucking breathe, babe…. You must not break…. Not now…. We’ve got shit to do…. Breathe…. Everything is alright…. Nothing is to send you down again…. The wound is closed…. The venom is out of your system by now…. It’s just the closing cycle of what happened to regain your strength…. Don’t break…. Fucking breathe…. You’re strong and ready to go. That’s it. We’re coming back. Fucking shit and fucking life….

The dog is alert on me, not making a sound though. He’s fucking desperate in breathing, moving around me, like checking me up, and he’s now standing before me while I straighten myself up, squeezing my fists on the side of my body, breathing in an out in a trained manner, letting my head a bit at my back, with my eyes shutting to gain inner control, balance, and strength over my body.

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