• April 17, 2022

Chapter 47 – Seducing Baby “Vampire”…|Members Only| Shooting A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 47


“It’s fine, baby…. You didn’t hurt me…. But inside I’m suffering to see you like this…. Someone is playing with you.” I get my suit jacket off and throw it on the floor, not taking my eyes off my baby.

And it’s playing hard with you…. With my baby…. And when I’ll find the responsible person? Death is the sentence. Nobody hurts my baby like this….

She doesn’t realize I’ve just taken the suit jacket off. She’s like a baby in grimace, stare, and attitude. Nothing like before when she was in crazy mode.

“Playing with me? How? I don’t think it’s the case. It’s just me…. Being crazy and all….” She looks on the other side now and taking the sheets to cover herself. She’s having shivers.

What’s the matter, baby?

I haven’t seen her like this so far.

“Are you cold, baby?” I go in the bed, under the sheets and hold my baby. She’s dressed differently than she was when she left home.

Why, baby?

“Yeah…. And I’m tired…. I want Bambi…. I need Bambi….”  I kiss the back of her head and have her back on me.

Bambi…. I’ll give you Bambi, little vampire….

“You were shot, baby? Show me where….” I kiss her ear.

My satin baby….

“Yeah…. There were more than expected…. And among them…. I don’t know…. I must be crazier than usual, Davy…. I had a glance over one of them, who ran away…. She looked like Marianne…. For a second…. I saw Marianne…. Is that even possible? She didn’t say anything and that’s when I got shot as I wasn’t paying attention to the others any longer…. I wanted to run after her, but once shot, I came back to reality and killed the others…. Am I crazier now, Davy?”

No, baby…. You’re not crazier…. I’ll get to the bottom of it….

I turn her around to face me, putting her right thigh on me and caressing it.

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