Chapter 46 – Deadly One Second And Innocent The Next One… |Members Only| Shooting A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 46


“Vivian? Stop. I’m Davy, your husband. I’m not a threat to you. I love you, baby. Let’s calm down. Okay?” We’re still moving around, facing each other.

She’s shaking her head now and closing her eyes and opening them again, on repeat, looking at me.

When I want to take advantage of this moment, she manages to hit me with another deadly punch, sending me again on my spot. Yeah, she’s using her entire strength.


“David! Stop telling her the love part! You won’t calm her like that! She hates you!” That’s Monroe who has just spit blood on the ground. “Fuck! She hit me bad this time….”

Agents from the other two cars which came with them are now getting down.

She’s eyeing me and hate is written in her eyes at me.

Why, baby? Just why? I do love you…. Always….

“Boss?” They’re looking at Monroe. He has signaled them to Vivian.

They nod at him and come to us.

“Just be prepared to fucking die…. She’s out of control…. Desi? Take the box from the car I have…. You know where…. She won’t calm down like this…. It’s too much for her…. David? Try to put her down…. It doesn’t matter how…. She doesn’t have reason anymore…. She’s like this sometimes…. At least you have a chance to put her down without ending up dead in front of her…. The guys will help…. NOW!”

Desire is running to the car for the serums and my baby is hitting me again. The guys, eight of them, are trying to take her from the back, but she’s putting them down effortlessly. I’m the only one not affected by her attack.

What are you saying?! Baby?!

“So, everyone wants to play with Raven…. Alright…. Let’s fuck…. I’m fucking enjoying this…. And you!” She points at me.

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