Chapter 21 – This Time, You’re So F*cked |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Precious

Chapter 21


How did I end in this? My grandpa is the one who had the agency…. Yeah, he was a tough and cold guy. The military type as you can imagine. Those boarding schools? That was training inside the agency with high education in the process. At eighteen, he activated me and wished me well. Yeah…. Since my mom died, I’m in the agency. So much for childhood, right?

And when he died, he left me with the business of the mini clubs in a wreak, and the agency…. Yeah, well.  Can’t say he wasn’t a good grandpa. He did leave me with things…. And I was raised well. They both gave me a good life. Can’t complain though. I’m on my own feet today and I have to thank them for that. I’m never afraid of something and I can’t be fooled by anyone. I was taught to first use my mind and then my emotions, but when there’s a difference between them, always listen to reason and facts. And it did serve me well all my life. I’m the owner of my life, am I not? Yeah….


“I said shut up, buddy. I need silence.”

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