Chapter 4 – I Said I’m Not Your Regular Guy… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Curvy Secretary

Chapter 4


“At least he takes it as a fucking man! Take your lips and hands off me! Now!” I’m rioting on him.

Oh! All those killing scenarios in my mind for the last six months?! I would apply all of them on you right now! LET GO!

Okay, okay…. Calm down, Issa…. You won’t be able to fucking put him down in the regular ways…. Not this one. He’s fucking strong, huh? Ugh! Because you’ve been playing dirty by doing ALL that behind my back, then tracking me down to FETCH your PAID prize, and now ALL THIS YOU’RE DOING WITH ME, the BITCH will play dirty AS WELL! FUCK YES! You don’t fuck with me, pal. No fucking way…. MUHAHAHA!

Well, of course, guys! I mean, why should I be a fair player with fuckers doing this kind of shit, right? Why keep it on the right side when they fucking use their dirty “tricks” on you? Only a loser would still keep it fair play, because that’s exactly what you’d gonna become in such a “game”: the losing side. And we don’t want to be that, do we? No. So yeah. We need to win. And to win, we’ll use some DIRTY “tricks” as well to “push” us to the winning side as we deserve in such a “predicament”. Ha-ha!

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