Chapter 87 – I Can’t Stand This… |Members Only| Icy Shots On A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 87


I have signaled my men to take him under arrest. He’s down for good now.

“JASMINE! YOU’VE JUST RUINED US! YOU UNGRATEFUL BRAT! GOOD FOR NOTHING! YOU’RE NOT MY DAUGHTER ANYMORE!” He yells that while he’s escorted out to prison where I’ll make sure to pay him a physical torturing visit. He’s trying to get out of the chains and go against them.

I stand up now and go to him, like a deadly fuming bull for he’s crossing me all over and on repeat.

“How the fuck do you dare?! Huh?!” I punch him.

“You are guilty and act like this?!” I take him by his chains and hold him for another punch.

“You disrespect me and my wife?!” I punch him again and now take a chain and put it around his neck, tightening it dangerously.

“I’ll fucking kill you! You don’t deserve to live, motherfucker!” I punch him again and he’s on the floor now with blood on him. “Take this fucking shit out of here! Now!”

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