Chapter 86 – Breaking The Bitch |Members Only| Icy Shots On A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 86


Before going into the arena, Angel asked for a full bottle of whisky, which she drank all of it. I went against it, but she screamed at me, in hurricane Selena style, to shut the fuck up and let her do what she fucking wants. Not to interfere with her ways. I was angry over this but gave in as I know she’s not an irrational one. Though I don’t know or understand why she did that, nor she told me.

We are in the arena now, the one where I had my Vadislov fight with, that has sand. It’s full of people. This is one of the greatest fights at level points. She’s the wife of the President and leader, so, of course, everyone came in at the news, to see the challenge and the outcome of it. There are agents, all council members and others involved in the agency.

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