• April 11, 2022

Chapter 17 – They’re Starting Their Blow… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Killer

Chapter 17


I’m chewing from my inner cheek, trying to contain my everything, and see this through. But I’m like death is fucking me because Daigo is a tricky motherfucker while he’s playing with his sword. And I’m not the one in there but my baby. I put down Daigo in one fucking minute and sent him down the floor with my sword’s tip on his neck’s skin. And he’s a reputable opponent.

Another of her men has gone to one of their cars and brings her a case made for swords. It’s a black leather one.

They’re indeed trained on everything.

He places it on the table and opens it for her.

My crazy baby is standing and Daigo already has his sword in his hand, waiting for her to get hers and start the game.

The game is actually a trial. A trial to see if you’re deemed for respect before a Yakuza. If you master it and win, you’re on a high level before them and do smooth business with them. The fact she’s speaking with him in his mother tongue is also a form of respect before him and he delivers respect for that. No, he knows perfect English like Vladimir.

It’s her sword alright. It’s custom made and worth three million dollars.

Daigo looks with admiration at her sword. He has a similar one.

“Oh, Madam. It’s forged in our country. I know the one who makes them. May I?” He points at her sword to take it and look at it closer.

“You may, Uehara.” She lets him look at it.

He takes it and his eyes slip along the sword, weighing it.

“It’s the real one. Only one trained by him gets one of these.” He refers to the master who makes the swords. You pay for the sword hard money, but you don’t buy it before you don’t prove yourself before him that you’re worthy to own one. I have one of those. Actually three.

Uehara is impressed to his core by it and hands it to my baby, but she points to the case and I smirk.

She knows the rules. Of course she knows…. My baby….

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