• April 9, 2022

Chapter 8 – His Eyes Want Me So Dead And Puffed, Man… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Tamer

Chapter 8


God…. What the fuck am I going to do once he’s got all revealed to him and all gets invested in him as the powerful Royal Demon he is? I’m so fucking weak right now…. If he’s going to go against the destined union between sides, I’m the fucking dead meat in this room in a matter of seconds because his powers will be at the highest peak…. Shit, man…. Think of something, Sarada, and think fast, bitch! There must be something I can use against him even in this fucked-up state of mine! At least to fucking block him against me or something if it goes south! Jesus! Think and think fast!

“I’m telling you, love, there’s no such thing, but I’m going to do as you’ve requested. Here.” He’s getting his phone out of his suit jacket from the room and my eyes are on him, on his back, alert on his moves the moment he’s going to tap into the camera of his phone to see the change in his eyes and all to be crystal-clear to him regarding his origins till present moment. A present moment that can either bring merger between us, or I’ll be fucking slayed down as rejection and demonic revenge on the Angel I am.

My heart is smashing my ribcage, I’m so damn hot and sweating way harder than before, my breathing is going a bit down, and I’m fucking forcing myself to keep standing and ready myself for whatever outcome.

He’s tilting his right hand with the phone in it to look at his eyes in the camera and it also catches my image in it. I’m fucking pale and looking like shit after five weeks of being dead and just revived, as you can fucking imagine. His first look is at my image on the camera, and he genuinely smiles at me. I’m a fucking little fuming demon at his grimace in the camera.

“There’s no such….” He wants to say there’s no such change in his eyes because his first look in it has been at me, and now his stare moves into his own eyes in the fucking camera, blocking him there, ravaging his breathing with his hand squeezing the fucking phone at refusal, as it’s starting….

Holy shit, man…. I’m so fucked….

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