• April 8, 2022

Chapter 32 – I’m F*cking Unleashed Now…|Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Nemesis

Chapter 32


“Just fucking say it, Haxton.” I’m on the highway, driving like a lunatic among cars.

“Alright. Our men have taken into custody the kids in Sweden and are driving them to the airport. Your stepmom….” He’s pausing to my fucking outburst.

“What about?! Say it already!”

“She killed herself before our men and the kids. She’s dead. She said she can’t live like this anymore. She wanted to kill one of the boys before that but decided to kill herself and let the boy alone…. The kids saw all that and are crying since then, shit scared by everything. Our men told them they are not kidnapped and that they are taking them to their big sister and other siblings, but they’re young and can’t get together to calm down, boss. Otherwise, they are fine. Like, they’re not physically harmed or something. Mentally though…. Yeah…. And they haven’t asked about their daddy, boss.”

WHAT?! SHE WHAT?! Oh my fucking God…. And the poor kids…. Oh God!

I dart my googled eyes at the phone hearing that and icy shivers crawl down my back, with my breathing in deep cuts, clenching my jawline. Mason places his hand on my right thigh, squeezing it to calm me down.

“Tell them to take good care of the kids. Once they land in the States, I’ll pick them up. I’m on my way there. End the call.” I’m maintaining my calm before him.

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