• April 7, 2022

Chapter 19 – But A Loving Devil… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Scorp

Chapter 19


“I don’t wanna! Let go! You can’t force me! And you don’t need to involve yourself in that! You’ll endanger yourself and your fucking family, Brandon! Stop being reckless because you’ve fallen in love! Don’t think that if you are all that you’re unbreakable! I also thought I had everything under control and that’s what I got! And I wasn’t fucking reckless! I’m fucking destruction, Brandon! Don’t summon that on you and your loved ones!  I’ve messed with a lot of fuckers all my fucking life to right the wrong! I’ve got plenty of them waiting to see if I fucking died or if they need or can hit me further! I’m tired of life, Brandon! You can’t understand it! It’s not the same as it has been for you! You’re bringing a hellish war upon you associating with me, brat! I don’t have in my files all I’ve done as Black Scorp! I don’t know or give a fuck if people or families around you as Mafia have crossed paths with me along the years! I don’t go well with the Mafia! And they don’t go well with me! But you should give a fuck as a Mafia head! You don’t know how all this will turn against you because of me! And I don’t want to be the reason for something happening to you or your family! I’ve had enough casualties because of my existence all my life! I can’t take more innocent people to pay because of me! No more! Let go! The fuck I would get into a real relationship with you! I don’t fucking do that!”

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