• April 6, 2022

Chapter 48 – Bad Blood And My Blood |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Snake

Chapter 48


We’re stepping out of the house and at my sight, my men salute me with their heads in a bow.

“Saint!” They’re spread in two rows, mixed with baby hunter’s men.

His men do the same at me, minus the ‘Saint’ part. They use the ‘Madam’ calling of me.

“Garvel?” I address the head of my security here.

He’s coming towards me while I’m watching the trail of dark cloud to see how’s the situation, but I’m rested on the spot at the top of the marble stairs outside.

Garvel is a true Latino guy in appearance, buffed, with some hypnotic blue-green eyes, and raven-hued, messy, short hair, in his mid-thirties. He’s my left hand and Saunders my right one from this side of mine.

All men are dressed in dark color suits. Like elite bodyguards. Well, they’re fucking elite of the elite as a fucking fact. Both mine and Hunter’s.

“Yes, Saint?”

“Have you guys seen it?”

He’s in a temporary silence and I return my stare at him. He’s before me, now looking at the trail I’ve seen.

“It’s tense. So, we could see it, yes. All mafia heads under Mr. Markle have come in. We’ve told Saunders about it just now.” He moves his eyes back into mine. “They looked angry. Some of them. When the cars came in. They’ve all parked in the back at the building the meeting is set. It’s packed with cars out there. And they’re having heavy escort. All of them. Well, they’re heads not random mafia people.”

“How many people by your assessment?”

I’m twisting my lips, charging myself inside for what’s to come. My heart is receiving painful daggers because I’m not done with the recovery and I’m forcing myself to be Saint, the real Saint, not the top special agent, General Saint.

Yes, my people from this side have my blood in them, how Shadow has his people with his blood in them. But only certain people, chosen and proven ones can have it, to serve under the leader. They don’t have the same abilities as us, but they do possess their own set of skills, useful for our cause to fight along with us to some levels. After those levels, that’s when I step in.

“Around two hundred from their side, and around twenty from Mr. Markle’s side. 21 with him included. It’s like a fucking summit in there by the numbers, Saint. But King here said that in the conference room only the heads and their right hands are present. The rest are waiting outside, in the parking lot. I’ve sent ten of our men there to watch the perimeter for any case because of that sign.”

He’s referring to the darkness trail they’ve seen as well. They can’t see it clearly as I do, but they can sniff it as well.

“King?” I address King, and he steps before me as he’s been at my right all this time.

“Yes, Madam.”

“Is it normal as numbers when they come in for such meetings?”

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