• April 4, 2022

Chapter 29 – Shut Up, Devil |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Nemesis

Chapter 29


“Oh fuuuck…. Only boss is this fucking crazy….” My man from the car tailing her says, and they break the car at distance from them, but I’m having the entire scene before my eyes on my phone.

She has turned the car on the side like a barrier for the sports cars, on that lane, getting down the car and jumping on the hood of her car, running on it, jumping down on her feet, with the sports cars having speed to her. She’s in a stance of a fucking lion, with the gaze of a raging bull, raising her right hand in the air to stop them, now grabbing the sides of her suit jacket to show them she’s there to shoot her and there’s no need to be sneaky to kill her as she’s not afraid of a face to face one on her own, grinning at them.

They break the cars in a screech of tires, roaring the cars at her. She’s twisting her lips and throws her chin at them, and I can read on her lips what she’s saying to them.

“You want to fucking kill me, huh?! You missed first chance as I’m breathing, fuckers! I’m gonna give you a second chance to fucking complete your mission for the one who’s sent you! Here I fucking am! Get down the fucking cars and show me your fucking balls! You want to fuck with me?! Do it properly, you pieces of shit!”

STOP BEING FUCKING CRAZY, BABY! THEY CAN FUCKING SHOOT OR RUN YOU OVER! But yeah…. She’s got that freezing stare for the fuckers. She’s in control over them only by her stare…. My hot, sexy, and killer baby who’s fucking me in blood right now….

They don’t get down the cars and her lips curb in a smirk.

“Oh? Scared, motherfuckers?!”

They’re roaring the cars louder as a threat they’re going to smash her.

“Let me show you my balls, then!”

She fucking takes her guns from her back in the split of a second and shoots the first car through the front window, now running to it, jumping on it and running further to shoot the fuckers from the other car, jumping on the ground on her feet, placing her guns back on her.

She goes to the driver’s side of the second car and punches the window with her left hand smashing it, opens the fucking door, grabs the driver by his hair and pulls him down the car. He’s shot but still conscious.

She fucks his face in punches, yelling something at him, till she lets him drop on the ground when she shoots his brains out.

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