• April 4, 2022

Chapter 26 – She Was So Rude To My Sis! |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Nemesis

Chapter 26


This little bad baby! You’re manipulating me to show you how much I love you by letting you go to put yourself into fucking danger?! Huh?! FUCK ME! She’s fucking serious…. Man! But she loves me, and she means it now…. Oh! I’ll so fuck you, baby….

I’m going inside to fetch Joshua and Nora and send them to my main house with a fucking escort. There’s a bloody war against Baccara Mafia and my love is the center target. She fucking knows and she’s still going there!

Well, she’s the next head. I know the procedures…. FUCK ME! She wasn’t a simple assassin or whatever…. She’s fucking Dark Muse. Yeah, I’ve heard of him. And becoming the head of Baccara Mafia, she’s with full duties as I fucking am in Crehtia Mafia. She’s fucking baptized in it in the worst way possible. At our level of Mafias, there are harsh conditions to become a head. You get fucking trained like tortured in fucking Hell. All bad and most complex shit falls on the shoulders of the future head, and then you take it as a head as well.

I don’t have and didn’t have a problem with it as I’m a fucking man. But to know she went through same excruciating path as I’ve been, it fucks my fucking heart! She’s a fucking woman! MY WOMAN!

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