• April 4, 2022

Chapter 23 – Let’s Give A ‘Love Shot’ To My F*cking Heart… |Members Only| Billionaire’s Baby Nemesis

Chapter 23


“Let’s go, boys. We’ve got shit to do.” I turn around and my men make way for me to walk, grouping at my back to follow me out.

“Rachel!” Big Bad Wolf shouts at my back like a thunder.

I smirk.

“Love you, honey! And this time I’m true to my words!”

Son of a baby bitch…. Ha-ha!

No, I’m not stopping, furthering with Haxton at my right and my boys making cover behind and around me. They are all sturdy and towering men. I have the best of the best under my hand. And yes, they are all armed, like Mason’s men.

“He’s not going to stay put, boss.” Haxton breathes only for my ears.

I know. But he’ll make sure he has my babies safe first. He loves them.

Yeah, I’m still a tad cold and my heart is on erratic beats. My head is also under some massive piercing pains. But it’s normal to me. I’m gonna fuck Rivera Mafia’s head so bad…. That’s going to be first stage of my treatment. Ha-ha!

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