Chapter 5 – Always A Bloody Demon Hunt, Huh?! |Members Only| Bitter Blood

Chapter 5

Inside the room alone, Adria’s hands were shaking, her eyes were watery with blood. She went into hiding in a dark corner of the room. She could hear the voices and the rumble from the other room. It was like thunders were inside the house, clashing against each other.

Why am I going through this? Who are these people? Why am I involved in this? How do they know me? I am just a simple person! What do they want from me? I didn’t do anything to be here! Why?!

Adria was silently crying while biting her nails from her left hand and embracing her legs tight to her chest with her right one in a back and forth swing.

Her thoughts were interrupted by Antony’s screams and moans. Those sounds hit Adria’s chest like a sword. Her swing stopped. Somehow, she knew it came from him and not from the other demon.

Her tears didn’t pour anymore. She jumped on her feet and pressed her chest with a strong intensity. Her stopped heart was now booming like crazy, almost going out of her throat. The blood rush she felt in her veins reached her brain and she flashed back in her previous life when she was Great Witch and High Priestess Alexandria….

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