Chapter 4 – It’s A Burning Fire All Inside Of Me! |Members Only| Bitter Blood

Chapter 4

Back at his place, he went into his library to study the parchment about Alexandria and the pact in discussion. As any demonic pact, it was written in blood. Blood of Alexandria.

He sniffed the parchment. Intense sorrow vibrated from it. These were Alexandria’s feelings when the pact had been written.

“Hmm… Sorrow… And is genuine. You bloody bitch and whore, someone made you feel sorrow. That’s a man I need a handshake with. He was the thorn of your life. Ha-ha! At least, you felt that. Checked something from my list of to-dos to you soon.”

An intense scream in the house paused his reading. It was from Adria’s room. He stormed there to find her shaking with black lines under her skin. The black lines wriggled like snakes all over her body.

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