Chapter 43 – Not Kick You On The Streets, Kill You |Members Only| Shooting A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 43


“SIS! NOT THAT! How can I go to school with no car? And I need money to eat and stuff….” He’s pleading now, his voice is submitted and hurt….

“Aren’t we a prince? SCHOOL BUS! LIKE ANY OTHER NORMAL KID! They work part time jobs to afford lunch and stuff! You’ll work in the company for minimum salary! Starting tomorrow! I’ll give you the bottom position! To see how it is to be fucked and wronged! To see how’s real life! Maybe then you’ll understand! You get free money! You don’t work for them! And you consider it’s fucking normal to go and have fights and girlfriends! Do you know the shame I had inside to go to the Principal and take your side?! Huh?! That man is a responsible adult and knows that your behavior is not normal! You’re a kid! A fucking pampered one! And whining that I go into fucking dangerous missions and having companies on my back! That’s being an adult! It doesn’t matter what work you have to do! It’s same dangerous shit! Even if I would have been only a businesswoman, I could get into a deadly car accident or other stuff! You never know with what life hits you! My work is different, I agree, but I’m trained for it! And doing it since forever! TO GET YOUR PRINCE ASS FLY IN LIFE! TO BACK UP EVERYTHING THAT FUCKING WENT WRONG! AND WHAT DO YOU DO?! ONLY ONE THING I REQUESTED FROM YOU! TO FUCKING STUDY! IS IT TOO MUCH TO ASK?! Do you think it was easy for me, Stevie? Huh? WAS IT EASY?! I cared and loved you like you were my own fucking kid! Not little brother! I’ve cared for you to give you all that mom and dad couldn’t! Through my fucking work! The dangerous one! That’s how you got trips and vacations! With the rich kids! With my fucking money! Mom would tell me they can’t afford the luxury holidays your school was planning! And I paid for everything! You don’t know that! MY FUCKING MONEY WENT INTO THE COMPANIES TO GET THEM OUT OF BANKRUPTCY SINCE FOREVER! SINCE I WAS FUCKING 18! YOUR FUCKING AGE! THEY WEREN’T RICH, STEVIE! I was the one who was making money to get the family going! When I was your fucking age? Do you know what was on my shoulders?! Huh?! To fucking study by day and go into missions by night! When I went back home at 2-3 am, I would study and do my fucking homework for the second day! That’s why you were always fucking laughing on me that mom couldn’t wake me up from the fucking desk in the morning to go to fucking school! And I was also practicing five fucking sports at the same time! Not to mention training back at the agency! They knew I was into a special program and that I’ll get money from there! This is how they agreed and had faith in me I won’t do something stupid! They let me do it as they were in fucking bankruptcy! We had no money left! DO YOU UNDERSTAND NOW WHY I’M SO FUCKING PISSED ON YOU AND ON YOUR FUCKING BEHAVIOR?! IF I COULD DO IT, YOU CAN, TOO! AND I HAVEN’T ASKED YOU TO DO WHAT I DID! NO! JUST FUCKING STUDY AND BE A NORMAL KID! What we have shared at the will reading is all made by me, Stevie. I have always put millions of dollars in the companies to get them up and running. That’s why I wasn’t in the company when things were going down. Because I knew my other work provides and all that was going to be saved one more time and one more time and one more time, for you, with my money. For you to have a future. For you to have something to lead when you’ll be old enough and I could get out from the companies. All that with my dangerous work. With my fucking blood. With my fucking body. With my FUCKING DEPRESSION! FOR YOU! FOR MOM! FOR DAD! NOT FOR SOME LITTLE FUCKER! NOT FOR LOVE! FOR YOU GUYS! MY LIFE WAS OUT AND HAD ONE DUTY! FOR MY FUCKING FAMILY! When I was your age, I was already banking 10 million dollars! What do you bank from your own work? Huh? Tell me, little guy. How much? Nothing. Why? Because you consider that you are a man now and need to fuck. You need to have fun. You need to fucking relax as you have so much on your little shoulders. You need to study…. THAT IS SO HARD ON YOU!”

She’s reliving the past as I can see that on her face….

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