Chapter 81 – Fighting With Love |Members Only| Icy Shots On A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 81


Kelvin. It’s hard to do it that way. You won’t get what you want, and everything will fail. I know… How much? Hmm… Yeah, you’re right on that… Jennifer can’t do it. Yeah… It’s fucking New Year’s Eve tonight! I can’t sneak out! I know… Where’s the mission? Yeah, I know that club… When was she kidnapped? I see… I know it’s about Heaven… I care about her, too. She’s a good agent and I have a close relationship with her… Fucking fuck… What are the stats? Any movement? Are we sure she’s still alive? Midnight? Fuck… What does the Chief say? I see… I’m going crazy over here… Eric won’t let me do it… I know it’s vital, Kelvin! What the fuck can I do?! I have no physical power over him to get out for this and he won’t allow me! During the day I go out, but at night, no. Tell him what? Yeah, yeah… It’s fucking New Year’s Eve and you want me to tell him I need to go somewhere… He’s no stupid…” Angel is in the training room and I happen to overhear her conversation with one of the special agents.

I was out for some paperwork and I was supposed to reach home at 2 pm. It’s 1 pm now.

You She Devil… You sneak out during the day… Rick needs to give me some account over this… He covered for you… Okay… We’ll see about that…

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