Chapter 79 – Vampy Bitch |Members Only| Icy Shots On A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 79


I’ll put you down, you bitch! You shouldn’t exist! He should have been mine! You’re pregnant on purpose so that you can make sure he fucking stays with you! You don’t deserve him! I don’t give a fuck you’re a Death Angel! I’m the one fated to him!” A brunette with long hair, red lips, smokey grey eyes is unleashed over me, with a sword in her right hand, dressed in a black leather suit, tailored to her sexy ass body, in an arena that has a dim light over and crowd around us, cheering for both of us. Well, some for her, some for me.

I’m also dressed in all black, like my usual style, with a sword in my right hand, looking at her, not believing what she’s saying and the way she’s against me. I’m scanning with the corners of my eyes around me and her, not saying anything. I’m all iced and on action when this bitch is going to attack me. I don’t see any familiar face.

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