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The 18-year-old Arien Astrov, the lowest student in a private and elite high school because of his poor background against the rich and popular kids, wanted for once to find that Halloween a costume to impress and “catch” the most beautiful and popular girl he’d been having a crush on for years.

However, he had exactly five bucks in his pockets to make that happen. With five bucks, you can’t get something to match what the rich boys had, not even as a rental.

How fate had something else in “store” for him, as it was high time for his awakening to what he truly was, an unknown and out of the blue shop of such costumes appeared down his path, with brand new and latest trends costumes, each for EXACTLY five bucks!

But! That would radically transform his life…. From rags to riches? What kind of riches? What kind of fate? What sacrifices? Love as in a crush or true love? What’s real and what’s not? What bears true value and what doesn’t? The diamond in the rough must have been him though…. And “Romantic Vampire” was his first stage of awakening….

Genres of the book: Paranormal Urban, Supernatural, Vampires, Demons, Werewolves, Witches, Halloween stories, Horror, Adventure, Action, Mystery, Comedy, Romance

*This book contains language and mature themes. Suitable for +17 audience because of that.

Young King Darkness, by Andra-Cristiana Stan, Romania. Copyright © August 2021. All Rights Reserved

No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system without the written permission of the author.

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

Chapter 1 – Halloween Costume

Thirty minutes past six in the evening, walking down the alley, a chilly shift embraced Arien Astrov’s body. Strange for how icy it felt for a day in October, and for how swift it happened. It was more of a winter air than autumn, against how high the temperature had been a few seconds ago… The cold air was aching Arien’s body who was wearing a pair of black snickers, black jeans, a dark blue tee, and a black denim jacket, all hugging his athletic frame.

What the fuck is happening? It’s so damn cold…. Never mind. I need to find a fucking Halloween shop for that costume. Good luck with that, Arien! With your shit money, five dollars, you’re a lottery winner to even buy some fake vampire teeth! Shit…. Well, when you are from the poor medium, you’re fucking lucky to even have five fucking dollars, so I need to be grateful, right? Fucking life….

The 18-year-old strolled further, going past different shops and restaurants somewhere in New York City.

He was in his last Senior year in high school, and this was the night before the Halloween party the high school was holding. Arien needed to buy or rent a Halloween costume that was cheap but fancy enough to make him stand out from the crowd. Why? He wanted to confess his love to the girl he had a crush on for some years now. But he knew he would have to settle for a lousy one, considering his five bucks as a budget for it….

The bad boys, popular and rich ones in his high school, would forever make fun of him because he was coming from a poor background. The mockery had no limits, and he couldn’t stand it or go against it. Well, he didn’t actually…afford a costume till now. Not that he was richer at this point, but his urging desire to conquer Alison’s heart overran the actual money he owned on his name. Five bucks….

While his mind was in torments that he wouldn’t be able to fulfill his wish on finding such a costume to attract Alison’s attention to him, his eyes landed on a new Halloween store. This shop popped before his eyes out of nowhere. He didn’t notice it at the beginning, nor he remembered to ever be there. His footsteps inched to the store’s wide window and his eyebrows tilted at what was revealed before his eyes….

I can’t fucking believe this…. These are brand costumes, all expensive, with fine material and designs, but ALL for only FIVE BUCKS EACH?! Am I really a fucking lottery winner or something?! Oh! This must be a sign from above! Thank you, God, thank you!

With twinkling eyes, beaming, he rushed to the door to secure one such amazing costume which would for sure trap Alison’s heart! He spotted one that would make even real vampires cry with envy and shame they didn’t have such an outfit! Ha-ha!

Upon reaching with his hand to open the door, a hazy air surrounded him with a creepy silence on the alley. It gave him bone-chilling feelings.

The weather has gone so damn crazy…. Let’s get inside. My costume! Ha-ha!

With his mind fascinated by the costumes the store had presented at the window, he barged inside, not bogging his brain with the strange weather changes.

He stormed to the first stand of costumes, with his eyes wandering over them to confirm once again he had seen correctly, and each such costume was indeed five bucks.

I’ll be damn…. They are five bucks with all accessories included! Oh man! This is the happiest day of my entire life!

The costume calling him the most was tagged with “Romantic Vampire”. He considered himself so lucky to have found that shop and costume and check both of his wants from the name of it: romantic, his want to grab Alison’s heart, and vampire, to fit the Halloween theme. And, oh yeah, to be all for five bucks!

The description tag of the “Romantic Vampire” costume was like this:

‘Romantic Vampire. Gothic top black velvet long sleeve tee. Victorian gothic punk vampire architect black pants. Reusable natural vampire fangs teeth with a genuine vibe. Small bottle with fake blood for makeup. Black leather boots for vampires with silver chain model, fashionable. Blade black classic vintage gothic vampire long skin leather jacket. Price: 5$.’

He was a tad puzzled about the offer and bargain price, as all items were new and last trends. That kind of costume would have easily cost around five grand and nowhere near five bucks. However, with a satisfied grin, he shook his head and didn’t give importance to that detail more than a few seconds. He had verified it was real and he hadn’t imagined things, so all was well for him. Therefore, he decided that costume to be his pick as he was aware of how crazy Alison was about vampire stories and movies.

Arien was certain that costume would make him look wild, sexy, and appealing to her and he would be among the popular boys at the party by wearing that. That costume would fit his muscular body and make him become a veritable Dark Prince of the night, alluring all girls from there. A poor, handsome, guy. But anyways….

With the intention to grab the costume with all accessories and walk to the cashier to pay for it, an eerie voice behind him halted his hand to touch it and turned his head to see who the person was.

“Good choice, young man! It will look perfect on you. We have some other accessories for this costume. But we didn’t have enough room to expose them all. The other two accessories are a vampire ring with a ruby, and a necklace with a bat having ruby eyes. Wait a second to bring them from the back and give them to you.”

The old, creepy guy, who looked like he was 100 years old, with grey hair, wrinkles all over his face, some black eyes that would freeze you on the spot, thin lips, and black, shabby clothes and shoes moved per his words to go and bring the items, but he would walk like he needed ten seconds for one step at a time. He looked ancient but breathing.

That’s not scary at all, right? I’m not scared, but he does look like a character from dark, supernatural books. Just saying….

“Excuse me, sir, but this costume along with the items you’re bringing, are all included in the five dollars price? Those two items aren’t mentioned on the costume’s description. I only have five bucks and can’t afford extra. I have to say that your front store offer made my day with the five dollars tag on each costume.” Arien was praying to God to receive an affirmative answer from the shopkeeper, and he saw a smirk on his outdated face.

“Sure, my son, all is for only five dollars. Wait to bring the entire costume and accessories for your size from the back. Go to the changing room and wait for me there.”

And the old, creepy man went away, leaving Arien to find his way to the changing cabins through the store, with all the costumes and spooky Halloween decorations paving his way. Nothing mattered to him, though. He was focused on being content that the Halloween party that year would have him as the most popular guy. It was the best costume one could afford, top class, and would rock the party.

Chapter 2 – If I Were A Girl, I Would Fall In Love At First Glance

Waiting in the changing room for what he considered had been an hour, Arien thought that he should go back to the shopkeeper and see what was delaying him. He glanced at his watch and realized it had been only thirteen minutes since he had reached the changing rooms spot.

Where is this old man? What takes him so long? Well, he does walk like a mummy. He’s old….

While making the step to exit the cabin, the creepy shopkeeper appeared from nowhere. He was holding the entire costume and accessories for Arien to take and try it out.

Jesus! Oh man…. What the….

“Here is your costume, Master Arien.” The old man handed him the costume with a grin.

By the time Arien wanted to ask how he knew his name and why would he call him “master”, he touched the costume.

In the blink of an eye, he found himself dressed in the “Romantic Vampire” costume. He was standing in front of the mirror of the changing cabin. It was Arien in appearance, he recognized himself. But he was way more buffed, taller, and looking like Adonis from the Greek mythology. He wasn’t looking old, but he was older than his real age, about four years older. His appearance was so manly, sexy, alluring.

Even his hair was different. Before, his hair had been dull, short, straight and a dark blonde. Now, it had a sexy haircut style, in an irregular length, but well-balanced. The color was somehow lighter in the right shades. His eyes from a gloomy light green, were now a ravishing dark blue, like a serene ocean.

A fast thought crossed his mind….

If I were a girl, I would fall in love at first glance.

He was dressed up with the entire costume except for the fangs, fake blood, and makeup, starring at his image, scanning himself in the mirror in awe but confident in himself.

Arien was feeling both hot and cold, not understanding what had just happened with him in the split of a second. He had only touched the costume and this strange transition occurred. The ring and necklace’s rubies were glowing as if blood was boiling. He felt like a volcano was erupting through his veins. The change hit him both inside and outside at the same time.

What the fuck is happening to me? Oh…. I’m so damn hot…. And having cold shivers down my spine… What’s that?

Wolf howls from outside snapped the deep silence in the store. He walked out of the changing cabin to not find the shopkeeper anymore, as if he had vanished. He needed answers for this awkward event.

His eyes were taking in the surroundings. The entire atmosphere around him was different, but he wasn’t scared. In any other situation, he would be fearing and would be screaming and running back home.


Before him, four men appeared. They were wearing similar garments to his, almost the same in style and men beauty. The four guys were around 21-24 years old by their appearance. They had the stance of submission before Arien, with their heads in a bow, like subjects before a king. Well, all except one.

The one who wasn’t in a bow made a step forward, lowered his head in respect to Arien, and locked stares with him, airing utmost honor.

“Congratulations, Master, for ascending. My name is Victor Ra Colle. I am honored to be at your service. We are your most loyal subjects, and we are here to serve you and take you to your dominion. Preparations to celebrate your transition are to start. Master, you will finally take your rightful place as the leader above all.”

Just fuck me…. What’s the meaning of this? Master? Subjects? Celebrate transition? Leader above who? Who’s all? Is this some kind of prank? I do hope so….

Arien was frowning in surprise, moving his eyes at them to comprehend what was happening. He didn’t digest all that nonsense.

Maybe I’m dreaming about this? Well, in real life there’s no such costumes at five bucks…. Maybe I’m too obsessed with Alison and the Halloween party and my brain has webbed this dream? Could be…. These things don’t happen in real life like this. Yeah….

Even though it was a spooky atmosphere, he considered it wasn’t a nightmare, but it wasn’t real either. It was out of the ordinary for sure, and nothing seemed to fit a normal, real-world situation.

What he still didn’t understand about himself was why he was that calm and didn’t react like a lunatic to experience all that. There was the possibility he was out of his mind. Nothing surprised him at that point. Maybe it was a dream indeed. Yet, he wanted to get answers for everything that had happened and find out where the shopkeeper had gone.

“Alright, Victor La Rue something, all this doesn’t make sense. I don’t understand what has just happened. Am I dreaming?”

Victor looked at him baffled and then glanced at the other three guys. They were all shocked that Arien didn’t recognize them and they were asking themselves why he would be like that when he had clearly transitioned.

“My name is Victor Ra Colle, Master, not La Rue. You don’t remember us?”

Arien’s eyes were searching Victor’s face to see if he had seen him before. Victor had ash blonde hair, porcelain skin and grey eyes. His features didn’t ring a bell in Arien’s mind. He cast a look at the others to see if he would recognize one of them at least. Still nothing.

Nope. Never seen you guys in my life. Honestly.

“I have no reason to remember you. I have never met you or the others before this. Now, please, explain what is happening to me and what’s all this about. Is this a prank of some sort? Is there a projector behind the mirror that makes me see myself looking different?”

Arien was trying hard to find a logical explanation for the occurrences. Maybe it was a trick. He was in a Halloween shop, after all. Maybe this was all set up to promote the “magic” mirror that would make people fall in love with themselves or something. Maybe to not need plastic surgery anymore and look like this at the snap of one’s fingers? This last assumption, he didn’t find it logical after all.

It’s only for the person looking at itself in the mirror and not how they are seen by the others, probably.

Thinking this, he looked at his hands and started feeling himself to see what had been changed at him. The result was the same as in that mirror by his fast analysis. Another shockwave passed through his body.

Oh, shit…. What is the matter with me?! I feel…sick? I’m…. Fuck….

“Master, you changed to the real you. This is not a dream. You are 18 by real age, but we are in appearance in a distinct way than normal people. And we remain like this for the rest of our days. This happens when you reach the ascending point at the age of 18. It is in the 18th year of life, the night before Halloween day. The rite is like this for the last 4,000 years.” Victor explained with a studious stare at his Master.

“I believe you are mistaken. I am no one’s Master. I’ve never heard of such a story before. I am not the guy you’re looking for. I don’t understand what’s happening to me and why you guys are here.” Even though his mind was clear of who he was, his life till then, and not being able to accept what he had been told, his entire body was experiencing the effects of the transition.

Impulses, pain, electric shock sensations wouldn’t let him settle.

What the fuck is happening?!

He wanted to continue speaking, but he felt like a thunder raptured through his head, sending him on his knees. He started hearing different voices, vague at first then crystal clear like you would hear on the radio.

Ah! Fuuuck! Jesus Christ!

Chapter 3 – It’s F*cking True?!

“Master Arien! Are you okay?” Victor jumped to his aid to stand up.

“No! I’m not okay! What’s happening in my head?! I’m hearing like a million voices speaking to me at once and some speaking among themselves! My brain hurts!” Arien was squeezing the sides of his head with his hands, with a little pressure driven from his fingers, in the attempt to ease the rocking pain and halt hearing those voices.

“He is gaining the powers that weren’t absorbed in the ascending process. Curious, I might add. Victor, he is not complete. Maybe his stay in the human world made the transition process slower. Now, he will experience all the pain of it.” One of the other men chimed in, drawing conclusions over Arien’s reactions.

“I see. I agree with you, Alberto. All the signs indicate that.” Victor bobbed his head.

“What are you guys talking about?! I’m dying over here and you….” Arien couldn’t speak further as he dropped on the floor like a fly, having his eyes in Alberto’s direction. He passed out.

Alberto was like a Latino at skin. His olive skin, raven-hue hair with a rebellious hairstyle for his curly highlights and Prussian blue eyes made him look like an angel with a kind of short hair.

“Do you think the others have found out by now and launching attacks?” Alberto was worried the demons and others like themselves had learned Arien was still alive and not dead as they had lied 14 years ago.

Ascertaining Alberto’s words, Victor shut his eyes and ushered in ranking the walls of the invisible protection covering Arien’s being. He was scouring to see if there was a perforation of some sort.

“The walls are intact. No loophole as I can see.” Victor opened his eyes, walking to Arien to check his vitals.

“He can’t die, Victor. Why are you checking his vitals, man?” Alberto was more concerned not to be discovered by the others until they would bring Arien back.

It was a process that required to be followed. It was essential to expose his existence, but not like that, and certainly not then and there. Maybe if their Master’s powers were complete, there would be better chances, but in his current state, they would lose. Alberto knew who wanted Arien’s place, and that one was extremely dangerous.

“Marcus! Antonio!” Victor arrested the other two with his commanding stare.

“Yes, sir!” Both answered at the same time, waiting for orders.

“Go outside and keep protection over the place! Nobody, and I say nobody, should spot this location and our objective!”

Without any other words, they rushed outside and guarded the place like two pillars that even a small fly wouldn’t have chances to break in. Their eyes turned bloody and were focused on anything living or not to stay out of that shop.

Arien came back to his senses and could stand up. He was perplexed by his situation. Not long ago, he had been a normal, average teenager, wanting to find a Halloween costume and attend what he had thought would be the best party in his life. He wanted to mark a presence and not be belittled by everyone like he had used to be. All he had desired was not that much.

But the current situation was way out of his comprehension. He? Master? No. His origins were that of a poor family. Nothing special about them in any way. He was the only child and his parents showered him with love. They didn’t have wealthy or special family background. No bloodline with such kind of powers or a Master status was present for him or for his parents.

All his ancestors were poor working families as far as he knew from his parents. The only value his bloodline had was the lessons of true love, never give up, work harder, brains over everything, loyalty, righteous living, and family comes first. Which were indeed diamond possessions for one to have in its blood from the ancestors and parents.

“Master? Do you feel better? Do you need anything? Tell me and I will bring you anything you would demand. Your order is my command.” Victor was helping his Master to prevent him from falling again.

Arien pulled himself from Victor’s grasp and backed off a step with a seed of rage in his dark blue eyes at him. He wasn’t angry at them per se, but the unknown and the boiling blood down his veins along with his pumping heart getting accustomed to his new system, would stir him up without his want. He was in control over himself, but not really. A new Arien was blossoming inside and out, and he couldn’t keep up at some lengths.

“No! I need to forget about all this and go home!” His chest was heaving, and he lowered his stare, shaking his head, trying to figure out his reality. “I have my parents waiting for me back home and it’s getting late. I can’t spend here any minute longer. I don’t see the shopkeeper to give him the five dollars for the costume, so I will give it to you. Pay him for me. That’s the only order I give you as your Master. Oh! And another order is to stay away from me! Understood?” His right hand reached his back pocket where he had his wallet, but his now pants didn’t have such a pocket.

He searched in the side pockets and found a new wallet of black leather that suited the costume. By opening it, his eyes popped to notice that it contained money of different currencies and only in high value bills. It also had several credit cards from the unlimited and platinum ones; only billionaires would possess such cards. Another thing he found was a new ID with his new appearance but possessing the same name: Arien Astrov.

“What’s all this?” He breathed, ogling inside the pocket.

“They are yours, Master. That’s only a very small amount. Like pennies from your wealth and possessions. You own an empire. Money is not a problem at any amount or price.” Victor was sincere, speaking with a voice to determine their Master trust them and be more open-minded.

Arien shook his head, breathing heavier.

“I need to go. Here, take the wallet, Victor. I don’t have that kind of money. It’s not mine. You keep it. I must come back to reality. I will go home and tomorrow attend the Halloween party. I have plans and nobody and nothing will stop me.” He handed the wallet to Victor and his steps were aiming the exit door without a glance at them. He couldn’t accept more to whatever else happened without his permission. He came in that shop for just a fucking costume! Not for that out of this world nonsense!

“Master! Wait! You can’t go home anymore. And the party….” Victor stalled speaking further, seeking a way to explain to his Master how some things had changed, but his words did stop Arien in his tracks and made him turn his head at them.

“What about the party? And why can’t I go home? I will explain to my parents at my best about the appearance condition and I’m sure they will come to terms with it. They will not reject me or not try to understand. Though it’s not normal, we will figure this out.”

“Master Arien, the transition and ritual took 24 hours. For you it felt like thirty minutes or so since you entered the store till now. And the party has already started if that is what you want to know.” Victor’s words turned Arien around to face them with his left eyebrow up and a chuckle.

These guys are fucking demented….

“Victor and Alberto, nice meeting you. I really am elated for my looks and costume. It’s like a dream came true. But…. I think you guys have escaped from the mental house or something. Sorry, no offense. Got to go now.”

Before he could move and go, Alberto interfered to clear things out.

“Master, here is my phone. You may check if what we say is true or not. Look at the date and time.” He walked to him and handed him his phone.

Arien sighed and grabbed the phone to see as he was at his fucking limit with all that. However, Alberto’s words were true.

No. They might have changed it to convince me. Let’s Google the time and date. That won’t lie to me. What the FUCK?! No…. It can’t be possible…. No…. It can’t…. Let’s search again. FUCK ME! IT’S FUCKING TRUE?!


Chapter 4 – What Did You Do To Me?!

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Chapter 4 – What Did You Do To Me?!

Table of Contents ( Current – Updating )

Chapter 1-3 (Ch. 1 – Halloween Costume; Ch. 2 – If I Were A Girl, I Would Fall In Love At First Glance; Ch. 3 – It’s F*cking True?!)

Chapter 4 – What Did You Do To Me?!

Chapter 5 – Enter If You Dare!

Chapter 6 – Mr. Romantic Vampire

Chapter 7 – Some Stupid F*ckers All Around Me…

Chapter 8 – The F*ck You’ll Do Your Want

Chapter 9 – Scream, You Filthy Souls!

Chapter 10 – Death Demons

Chapter 11 – We’re Under F*cking War!

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