Chapter 7 – Some Stupid F*ckers All Around Me… |Members Only| Young King Darkness

Chapter 7

“You have seen me before, Ms. Green Witch. You just can’t go through the surface and see the reality. As I can see, you only look at the exterior.” He winked at her with a devilish smile, airing King of Darkness, full of sexiness, vibes.

She’s so fucking stupid…. But I was more of a stupid to fall for one like her. What the fuck have I been thinking and feeling all these years? Tim was right about you…. And I was somehow blocked to not realize it and listen to his words. But now I get it…. I saw you as someone you weren’t…. You’re just a fucking whore, thirsty for more fame and money. That’s about all. Yeah…. There’s no substance in her whatsoever.

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