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Bloody Hunters Saga (Chapters 1-8) FREE READING 😉😇❤😘🙌


Her world as she knew was about to radically change. When her car crashed by accident in the gate of a billionaire hybrid, Thomas DiAngelo, Mika Reigna’s life was under a death threat.

The Red Moon was witness of the hunt while the 18-year-old girl was running for her life, after being bitten by the over 500-year-old vampire-werewolf with a youthful appearance and the looks of a heartthrob.

Her footsteps were taking her in the heart of the forest on the vast dominion the hybrid had, to escape the Devil who was after her to devour her special human blood.

Neither Thomas, nor Mika, knew what the craze under the Red Moon event was about to bring among them.

She was human, but was she?

Would he kill her, or would he protect her from himself?

Would love, pure love, conquer their hearts for one another?

Did they have a past connection?

What significance did the Red Moon have for them?

Was she going to accept her new fate that was destined for her since birth?

Thomas DiAngelo was a cruel beast, but with a pure soul for what mattered.

He was head of the Hybrids House, but also leader over the other eight supernatural houses around the world.

In front of the human world, he was a ruthless businessman, feared by others.

Every Red Moon event, he would lose control over himself and needed to be restrained by his people under chains and spells, to not go on a killing spree and attack the innocent.

But that fateful night, when Mika crashed with her car in his main gate, nothing worked to keep him at bay, for her blood drove him insane in cravings and the unwanted hunt began….

The story and series will bring you vampires, werewolves, witches, banshees, and many other creatures for the houses stood for a certain species.

You’ll meet romance, supernatural, real world, business world, comedy, action, horror, betrayal, jealousy, friendship, brotherhood, and more.

Genres of the book: Billionaire Romance, possessive alpha males, contemporary romance, romantic comedy, action, suspense, mystery, thriller, werewolves, witches, paranormal romance, vampires, hunters, arranged marriage romance, business romance, supernatural, with a HEA.

*This book contains language and mature themes. Suitable for +16 audience because of that.

Bloody Hunters Saga, by Andra-Cristiana Stan, Romania. Copyright © October 2020. All Rights Reserved

No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system without the written permission of the author.

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

Chapter 1 – Red Moon Craze

The Red Moon crowned the darkness. It was the night when creatures of the underworld would lurk and satiate their thirst. Howls ascended in the Mirval Forest on one side, and on another, growls penetrated the thick moldy trees shaking their leaves on the ground. An eerie wind mixed the sounds in a way that a human heart would be doomed to death.

Mika Reigna was running for her life under the strict watch of the Red Moon. She couldn’t see in front of her, but she kept running. Through the forest, branches punched her solar plexus and played with her golden hair in a dark game. Her clothes got scratches and were ripped off in places. Blood from her neck would make its way on her white satin shirt like a thin snake. The creature gave the start of a life and death marathon when the clock stroke midnight.

A blackish mist covered the path for Mika to find no sanctuary. Icy shivers crawled on her body, dancing in a chaotic tune. With a bruised face from the cruel forest, dirty olive pants, one shoe lost in the escape, falling and rising again, she was running without looking behind.     

The Devil was after her, at least that was what she thought. She only saw two bloody eyes, a pair of sharp fangs, and a towering, sturdy male body.

Mika’s regret was she had fought with her mother for a silly matter right before she might end up dead. When her mother demanded not the see that young man again in her life, she stormed out of the house, slamming the door. A behavior she couldn’t correct if the night demanded her soul.

The manly creature pursued her trail of blood with an unearthly speed. Mika’s blood scent aggravated his senses, driving him crazy to the point of losing control. It was the fragrance of an exotic sweet rose that would tickle his nostrils and inserting the lust of devouring her. His raven-hued wavy hair strands were rebelling along his face, revealing his chiseled jawline. He still had the honey drops of her blood on his lips, tasting them with the tip of his tongue.

“Help me! Somebody! Open the door!” Mika screamed when she finally found a cottage in the heart of the wood, knocking frenetically on the door. No answer came. She searched the windows to see a light, something to give her hope. It was pitch-black inside and no noise would surface to let her in. “Why? Just why?” she cried, crumbling on the cold ground. Her breath was heavier with each effort she made. A pressing weakness reigned her body. “I can’t die…. I’m only 18…. I…. haven’t…,” she protested with her last viable strength before she passed out.

Death reached the premises to encounter its prey. The creature saw the shades of the Red Moon waving over Mika’s body like a signal of protection. He shook his head and looked again. His guts were trooping to have her as a heavenly supper, his mind was blocking him to progress on having her pure blood. It was one of a kind blood type. In his over 500 years of existence, it was the first time he had such a blood. The sight of her was that of an injured angel. “What have I done? Who’s this girl?” The devil raged coming back to his senses. His scarlet eyes disappeared, and navy-blue ones took their place.

Thomas DiAngelo took the girl’s petite body into his arms. Her heart was skipping a beat every two beats. She had long curled lashes, faded prune glossy plump lips, and porcelain skin. Her beauty was nobiliary. “I will save you. I didn’t mean to.” He whispered into the girl’s ear that felt like a rose petal when he approached his cheek to her head. “You will not die because of me,” he continued with a husky voice.

Though he didn’t know who she was and how she crossed path with him on his own vast dominion, Thomas’s heart, mind and body were prone in a familiar connection with her. His immortal heart awakened a warm feeling under the Red Moon’s cold craziness. It was so long since this sort of feelings invaded his deadly being.    

On his way back to his castle-like mansion, at the limit of the forest, a pack of gigantic wolves, with sparkling red eyes, surrounded them. Thomas stopped with the girl and stared at the black-brown creature right in front of him.

The wolf made a step forward and shapeshifted into a man with a muscular body, black-brown wavy hair, black olive eyes, bare chest and black leather pants, kneeling with his head down. He was the Alpha. “Master, we failed to contain you. This Red Moon was stronger. The new spell wasn’t powerful enough to keep you in chains. You murdered two of our mates. That girl’s smell, when her car crashed into the gate, drove you insane. We don’t know how she found her way here. Ronald saw another car chasing her. When she hit the gate, that car drove away without checking on her. Luke and Vic are investigating as we speak.” Drake felt guilty he couldn’t prevent the rush of bad events that crowned the night.

“Drake, I’m sorry for your mates….” Thomas was sincere and hurting for the loss of his people under his madness. “I don’t know her, but I won’t let another one die tonight. Call the witch immediately! We will need her for this one….” His eyes moved at the girl in his arms who was at her last mile of life. Who is she? She’s…. Special…. I feel her in my heart though I don’t know her…. What’s the meaning of this?

“We can take her inside the mansion, Master. You need to be protected from the Red Moon. We don’t know if you will burst again. It’s dangerous.” Drake knew how ferocious and uncontrollable his Master was. He had lived with him for over 200 years. 

“No need for that. I manage it now. Do as I say! I will take care of her. Send more people to help Luke and Vic.” Though he was giving orders, Thomas’s stare was lingering over the girl’s face and body. How could I do this? She’s no threat…. She’s a weak, young girl….

“Your wish is my command, Master!” Drake turned to one of the wolves on his right and thundered in his Alpha voice. “Vilore! Take more men and go after Luke and Vic.” The wolf bowed on his front legs and galloped with three other pack members to assist the investigators. “Mike? Go and fetch the witch! After she will deal with the girl, I will have a word with her for the failed spell!”

“Yes, sir!” Mike proceeded with the task.

The noises and words reverberated in Mika’s head, causing her to attempt opening her eyes and move her limbs. She sensed her body in the air supported by muscular arms. What she could see, for the second she succeeded to have control over her being, was a handsome young man gazing at her lips. It was like she saw the most good-looking man in the world. She hadn’t seen a more beautiful creature than he was. When she realized blood was on his mouth, a flash of what happened stroke her spine. Her jade eyes widened and fainted once again, giving a prolonged exhale.

“Hey! Wake up! Don’t die on me!” Thomas was shaking her in his arms while reaching the mansion’s living room.

The witch made her appearance right then with a commanding attitude, stare and grimace, rushing to the victim to assist her. “Put her on the table! Now! There is no time to lose!” 

Thomas placed Mika’s breathless body on the table and gave room for the witch to work her magic. “Just don’t let her die, or else….” A deadly frown appeared on his face at the witch, revealing his predator fangs. I don’t know why, but she mustn’t die….

“Don’t threaten me while I work if you want me to save her! Stay away! It’s your fault, not mine! You bloody monster! Look what you have done! And you have the nerve to threaten me! Humph!” The witch was assessing the girl with an angry but investigating stare.

She placed two candles on the table having Mika in between. One was white and the other black. She spread her magical herbs on the body and lit the candles. “Alma sortis, Alma entris!” First words she started the ritual with. “What’s her name?” She asked with her eyes closed.

“I don’t know who she is or what business she had around here.” Thomas answered with a submissive voice.

“But you want to save her?” The witch kept her eyes closed but her words had a mocking tone.

“Yes! She’s innocent!” Thomas yelled, revealing once more his commanding Alpha.

“Since when innocence matters to you?” She mocked the vampire in a double voice laughter.

“Olivia! Are you going to save her or not?” Thomas flashed revengeful eyes at the witch.

The black-haired woman with fair skin, opened her green eyes and fired a glare at the vampire. “I save humans, but I can’t stand when you do such things and call me in the middle of the night! She’s infected by you now! Red Moon is the most infectious! I need her name!” Olivia hissed at him with her discontent.

“Save her now! We will discuss afterwards! Annoying as always!” Thomas had an outrage, pointing at the girl.

“Her name!” demanded Olivia.

“I don’t know!” thundered Thomas.

Olivia took a silver knife from her black bag that had engraved ‘Viva Sangre’ in small rubies. “You’re gonna pay me back for this, Master! It will cost you a fortune!” said the witch mounting on the table over Mika’s body like she would on a horse.

“Just bring her back in human form. Price to pay doesn’t matter. It’s yours.” Thomas agreed to the witch’s terms.

“Don’t forget your pledge, Master! Drake! Come here and keep her hands still! She’s gonna go into shock for a few times, badly. Don’t let her move once I start! No matter what happens, don’t let her move and neither of you touch me or her until I say so. Just her hands, Drake!” She went into her ritual state.

“Understood.” Drake did per instructions, enforcing his strength with his hands over Mika’s.

“Aliarti Sangri! Hariti songeo Maila! Arias podenco humis plare! Horti deti, valgi seti!” The witch started chanting and rising the knife with her hands over her head, pointing its tip in Mika’s direction. “Alehora, alehora, alehora!” Her eyes were closed. “Magri suna, magri astra, magri luna, magri huma!” She said right before she stabbed herself in the heart. Blood would pour on Mika’s body. The witch had her mouth with blood from the injury. She spitted blood on Mika’s face and on her lips. Her eyes were now a glowing yellow-dark orange. Olivia took the knife out of her own heart. “Sangri viva, Sangri soma, Sangri suri, Sangri Viva!” she ordered with a trembling but strong voice. The witch waited no more and stabbed Mika’s heart with the same knife having her blood on it.

When the knife pierced Mika’s body and penetrated her heart, she went into shock. Drake held her nailed to the table with all his might. A human wouldn’t be a problem for Drake, but the ritual and the spoiled blood she had after being bitten by Thomas, under the Red Moon, would make her a supernatural being. 

The girl’s eyes opened. She had blood in them. They were no longer human eyes. Mika would scream as if a demon took her place. She tossed with force under the witch and Drake’s restrain.

“Keep her still no matter what!” ordered Olivia before she passed out.

“What is she doing? Are you kidding me?” asked Drake not knowing what to do first: keeping Mika under control or helping the witch who apparently died.

“She’s not dead. Restrain the girl.” said Thomas while his eyes turned bloody again.

“Master? Are you OK?” inquired Drake worried at the sight of him. Red Moon was still up, and his Master wasn’t a safe creature around others.

“I am,” he replied with a sort of hiss in his voice, “it’s her blood that’s stirring me up, but I will manage.” He assured Drake keeping his deadly stare on both the witch and Mika.

Mika went into shock a few times and gasped for air with such noise that awakened the witch. The witch kept her hand with the knife in the girl’s heart all this time, though she was unconscious.

“Ala iacta daemo, ala ioris, ala vivi, ala huma!” chanted the witch while Mika started to calm down a bit.

Blood from Mika’s eyes disappeared, remaining only in her iris’s area. She started breathing normally. The young girl felt the pressure and coldness of the witch’s knife. An atrocious pain made her scream as if a pig was butchered. “Don’t kill me!” she begged crying.

Olivia pulled the knife out from her heart. “I am reviving you, darling, not killing you,” said the witch on a comforting tone.

The blood from both the witch and Mika absorbed in their skin. The wounds made by the knife closed in a second.

“You will now go to sleep, dear.” The witch announced Mika while the girl closed her eyes and turned her head on the right side into sleeping.

The candles went off by themselves and Oliva descended from Mika. “Take her in a bedroom,” she said to Drake, “she will be sleeping until morning. This girl won’t remember anything from what happened.” She continued turning around to face Thomas. “You can tell her whatever related to her coming here. For the pay, I will let you know in the following days. I need to restore my energy. Don’t disturb me, I will contact you.” Her last words before she took her things and went for the exit. She had fine features for a woman. Her body was curvy and healthy. Men would fall in love with her at first sight.

“Contact me soon, witch. I need other things discussed with you for that business.” mentioned Thomas while looking at Olivia’s back.

“Sure thing, babe.” Her footsteps left the mansion.

Drake carried Mika upstairs in a guest bedroom and put her in the bed to rest. When he approached to put a blanket on her, his heart started racing and felt hot. It was long since he had such a reaction to a female. In fact, he couldn’t remember if he had experienced that strong of a reaction before and in such short amount of time. “Maybe it’s the Red Moon that affects me….” He shook his head and left the room with Mika alone.

Downstairs, Thomas was sitting at the bar having a Jack on the rocks. Who is this girl and why do I feel the need to protect her?

“She is sleeping. I think she will be alright.” interrupted Drake his master’s thinking processes.

“Yeah? Strange….” said Thomas, having the remainder of the Jack in one shot.

“What’s strange?” asked Drake.

“I never care about humans. If they get into my business and end up injured or dead, I am fine with it. Olivia was right. Since when do I care about innocence?” The vampire expressed his true feelings and thoughts. “What’s so special about her? She’s just a plain girl that happened to come across my estate and disturb me. I must have lost my mind. You know me, I am never like this. I respect humans, but I never walk the mile of saving them if I do something to them. I am cold inside all the time.”

“Maybe because she’s just a kid?” attempted Drake to clear the situation.

“I don’t know. She is infectious. I can feel that.” said the vampire pouring another glass of Jack. “Want some?”

“I should refrain from drinking tonight. Why do you think she’s infectious?” asked Drake sitting on the chair next to his master.

“She draws you to devour her, but then to protect her. It made me go crazy at the smell of her blood. I am never like that. I have my well-established limits. I am who I am.” stated Thomas while playing with his glass of Jack.

“Don’t worry, Thomas. I will send her out tomorrow. I will make sure to tell her something plausible and take her home. She will not bother you again. On another side, you made me proud tonight.” Drake had a change of mind and served himself with a straight Jack.

“Really? Why?” inquired the vampire with his right eyebrow raised and a grin on his face.

“You stopped and didn’t kill her. When you start something like that, it’s a dead end for the other party. I guess you still have a little soft side after all.” said Drake with a warm hidden smile on his lips.

“Soft side? Ha-ha! Don’t joke on that.” Thomas cocked his head at Drake with incredulity in voice. He defended himself in front of him, but he knew Drake was right. Something changed in him and had a soft spot for that girl. At least, he wouldn’t want her dead or injured.

No other occurrences happened that night. Mika slept like a baby, undisturbed, until morning, just as the witch predicted.

Chapter 2 – Back to Life, Back to Reality

Sunlight danced on Mika’s face when birds started singing to announce the start of a new day. She bruised the sheets on the bed, and woke up with a pillow in her arms, pressing it to her chest, like a baby holding a teddy bear tight. The tickle from the sunlight on her eyelids made her creep her eyes, and glance on the window. A blur was in place, as she was still sleepy, but she could see a magnolia tree in front of the window. Such calm and peace she felt that provoked her in a stretch and yawn, in a relaxing pose. Her entire being was telling her that she was in a place called home. At least, that was what Mika envisioned. Nothing from the previous night met her mind. It was as if none of the horrors occurred.

I haven’t slept so good in ages. My bed has become so comfortable. I finally feel like home.

“I see you have awakened.” A male voice made its presence known.

“What?! Who is this? What are you doing in my room?” screamed Mika covering herself with the blanket, searching the room to see where the voice came from.

“My name is Drake Clifford. This is my boss’s home.” replied Drake, standing up from the armchair he sat on until Mika woke up.   

“Your boss’s what? This is my….” she protested before being fully aware that it was indeed not her own room. “Where did you say I am? What am I doing here? What happened?” asked Mika with concern and fright of the unknown in her voice.

Drake lessened the distance between him and her bed, dressed in a last trends black suit, white shirt and a black-blue tie, glaring at her messy hair and baby face. “Last night you crashed your car in the main gate, hit your head and started hallucinating. Seemingly another car was chasing you. The other car didn’t stop. Our men saw you, and when they tried to assist you, you went crazy, ran on our estate in the domain’s forest. When you reached midway, you collapsed. Probably because you hit your head in the accident. A doctor came last night at our boss’s orders and gave you attendance. Everything is normal, no injuries. He put your actions on the shock caused by the accident. You will be fine in due time. I brought you here to rest and recover. Once you would gain consciousness, we should settle things, which we are doing now.” Mika was with widened eyes and a dropped jaw still holding the blanket to cover her. “So, may I know your name?”

“I can’t remember anything…. That’s strange…. A car accident…. Chased by another car…. Became crazy…. That really doesn’t sound like me…. Are you sure?” She was trying to recollect the events.

“Why would I lie to you?” Drake’s eyebrows went up.

“No, I am sorry. I didn’t mean it like that. I’m just not remembering what happened. Umm, my name is Mika, Mika Reigna.” Her voice had a more relaxed tone.

“Nice to meet you, Mika, though the encounter is not in the best circumstances.” He extended his hand to receive a handshake.

Mika stared at his hand for a few seconds. “Oh, yeah, nice to meet you, too, Drake.” She accepted the handshake to Drake’s smiling.

“How do you feel now? Anything bothering you?” He consulted her wellbeing with his eyes after last night’s harm.

“No, I feel fine. Everything is good, even my sleep was the best since I can’t remember.” She checked herself with her stare and hands.

“That’s good news. Your car is not in a good shape. We worried you might have some internal problems, even though doc said you are fine. Then, where do you live, who can we contact to report what happened to you? Your parents? We haven’t found your phone on you or in your car. So, we had to wait until we could ask you about.” Drake wanted to move things forward and take her to her own life.

“My phone? I forgot it at home after I fought with mom….” She stopped as she was reminiscing from the previous night in bits. “I argued with mom because of the will and ran outside. Our attorney’s son was waiting outside to drive me to Brightstone, to take over my dad’s company this morning. I refused to get in his car and took mine. I was furious because mom was against his counseling. She wants to wait for a few months. I cried a lot in the car because of my father’s sudden death, and immediate responsibilities I have. At some point, a black car was flashing in my rear mirror, speeding behind me, and I instinctively turned the wheel to the right side of the road, crashing in a gigantic gate. That’s all I can gather as last night’s events.” She was moving her eyes left and right attempting to recall more, but to no avail.

“My condolences.” Drake took a grimace, a sincere one, to match his words.

“Thank you. A kind stranger. Hard to find one nowadays.” Her eyes studied his face, standing up. “I have disturbed this house for too long. My apologies to you and your boss. If you can call me a taxi to take me to Brightstone, it would be great. I have no phone, but I have a credit card in my car to pay for the expenses. I will also pay for my stay here, doctor and gate repairs. I have the means for it, no worries. Just send me the bills.” Mika’s person was turning into a strong, confident lady, nothing like the previous night’s girl. You wouldn’t have said she was only a kid.

Drake was moved by this reaction and became interested in her. “You don’t have to worry about all that. Nobody is asking you to pay for anything. It was an accident and we are all relieved no human lives were lost. There’s no need for a taxi. I will take you wherever you need to go.” He was glaring into her eyes with intensity.

“No, no, no. I never subject myself to be in debt to no one. I will pay for everything. Damages I made, will be cleared. That’s how it should be, and that’s how it will be. I accept nothing else as a settlement. I appreciate your kindness and help, but you guys are not obliged in any way to support my wrong doings. We have no relationship whatsoever. That’s final.” Her words hit the air with an unwavering will. She spoke like a true businesswoman.

“We don’t need that. It’s really fine.” Drake waved his hand at her to match his words, being captured into the girl she was. Something was blossoming inside of him by each word they exchanged.

“I have decided, and nothing is to be different than what I said. Where are my clothes?! These aren’t mine!” Her eyes flew into shock, realizing she was wearing a nightgown that wasn’t hers.

“One of our maids changed you. Yours were dirty and ragged because of the accident and falling in the woods. No male touched you, other than me carrying you here to rest. The maid came and changed you afterwards. We couldn’t let you sleep like that. She cleaned you a bit and dressed you.” He cleared the situation fast as Mika was launching fiery spears with her eyes in distress. His heart was pounding over this, another thing that wasn’t normal for one like Drake.

“The maid? OK! I don’t like to be touched! Jesus! That’s a relief. I really was a burden to you all. Can I take a shower and get my clothes back? I really need to get going. Some businessman is after my company since the news of my father’s death hit the industry. Time is precious at this point for me.” Mika asked with hurry, scanning the room for her clothes and the bathroom.

“We trashed your clothes; new ones are there. The maid bought you some similar ones this morning. You can use them, they are yours.” Drake pointed at the armchair opposite to the one he sat on for a few hours, waiting for her to wake up.

“And the bathroom?” Her eyes were looking around.

“The bathroom is right around the corner, near the dressing room. You have everything you need in there. The maid also equipped the bathroom with all you would require. But if there’s something missing, you can just ask her. I will send her here right now. I will excuse myself and let you change. She will bring you downstairs to have breakfast, then we will leave to Brightstone.” He quickly instructed and exited the room, leaving Mika with no opportunity to say more.

She’s bossy and inquisitive. Never seen a girl like her. She must be older than she looks. This girl wasn’t even impressed by me. She’s only down to business. Drake was going down the stairs to order the maid.

Twenty minutes later, Mika went downstairs, guided by the maid, to find Drake at a huge dining-table, waiting to have breakfast together. “There’s no need for that, thank you. We should be going.” She said, urging him to take her to a crucial meeting for her and her mother’s lives. She knew things will get dirty at the company, and her presence there was vital.

“Why hurry? I didn’t have a chance to eat as I wanted to keep company to each other during breakfast. That’s only polite. Take a seat and let’s eat. It will not take forever.” Drake threw her a handsome smile and appointed her seat on the other side of the table, to face him.

“I….” Mika was intrigued in stare and grimace thinking that the road to Brighton was not a short one.

“It’s all I ask you to do after watching you for a night. I have lost a night’s sleep to keep a watch on you. Can’t you grant me a breakfast for that?” His eyes were begging, and his lips formed a pout. “I have to at least eat, to have energy, don’t you think?” He flashed a smile.

“Alright, but a quick breakfast. It’s late.” She gave in, considering he was kind of cute for a big guy.

“Quickest! Thank you! My boss went out early this morning with business. He said he’s sorry to have missed you and wishes you all the best. He couldn’t delay his agenda unfortunately.” Drake started eating, somehow thrilled he was having breakfast with Mika alone.

“That’s alright. I would have only been more ashamed and embarrassed for what happened last night. It’s for the best. Help me send him my greetings and thanks for putting up with me and letting you take care of me. He did more than he was supposed to. Thank you all once again.” She sat down and took a bit from the plate’s content, not to offend Drake, but she had no appetite for she was bugged by what was going to happen later, still digesting previous night’s events.

After a quick breakfast as promised, Drake took Mika to his car to drive to Brightstone.

Chapter 3 – The White Shark

I couldn’t thank you guys enough. You are good people. Hope we can remain friends. Of course, if it’s a mutual desire.” Mika found herself speaking halfway to destination.

“I don’t know about my boss, but for me, it’s same desire. You are an interesting gal, the kind I make friends with. Here is my business card. Call me whenever you need help, or a drink buddy. I’m in. Doesn’t matter the time. I am at a phone call distance, wherever you might be.” Drake’s voice was friendly, and a genuine smile conquered his lips, having his shades on.

“I will. Thanks, Drake.” She placed his business card in her purse, returning the smile.

“I will send your car to our car service and will give you the details. You don’t have to worry about it. I will take care of everything. You just need to focus on your own business. We will speak after the meeting. I will wait for you downstairs, or if you want a man with you, I can go in as your personal assistant. It’s your call. Either way, I am your friend in need anytime.” Drake offered his aid in the name of friendship.

“I will go alone. But thank you. You are indeed a great friend, though we have just acquainted. Still, these are things I need to do by myself. That’s a thing my dad taught me. Sharks need to be put down. Only a white shark will put a leash on them. Be that shark with no fear, they will obey and keep a distance. To be a great businessman, you need to be fearless, though you may be on the verge of bankruptcy. As long as you stay stern, everyone will follow you and things will take a normal course. You are the man! That’s what he said, and I walk on that path always.” Mika confessed with a lost gaze on the car’s front window, remembering the moment when her father trained her. He had known he would be killed but didn’t know when. So, since Mika was six, he raised her with business lessons all the time. She was to become the heir, she needed to be prepared. The burden would have to be put on her shoulders.

“It sounds like he thought he had a son, not a daughter. Still, it seems he was a great man and a good dad. I feel your love for him and that you miss him.” Drake had his heart constantly increasing its beats and wanting to hear more about her. Every time she would say something, he would briefly take his eyes off the road and stare at her lips and to the depths of her glamorous eyes. It was like she was surrounded by a flashy aura calling for him to embrace her. Such peace grew inside of him while being near her. His being was telling him that she was home. Brightstone was an hour drive, but he wanted to never reach it. Being with her was all he wanted at that point.

“Truth be told, they thought I was a boy when mom was pregnant with me. I was a big baby. When the doctor took the tests to see the baby’s sex, because of the fat I had in the genital area, he concluded I was a boy. So, they named me Michael. When I was born, they informed my father that I was a girl. He said it must be a mistake, they were supposed to have a boy.” She giggled. “Anyway, they loved me, nonetheless. Took me to every sport he thought of, made me strong and knowledgeable, raised me like a boy in some areas, but let me be a girl for the right aspects. To be a lady with a man’s strength. And I liked it. Never felt weak….” She paused, her eyes becoming teary, but only for a moment. “The only time I felt weak and powerless, was when the news of his death came. It was like I died inside. I didn’t have the means or strength to do anything to get him back. My mom collapsed. Detectives had no choice, but to take me to identify his body. I went there, and….” She stopped for a second time as a ball of pressure stuck in her throat. “And I saw him on that cold metal table with a white sheet covering him. My dad, who was once the strongest man on Earth, tall and well-built, looked like a fragile creature, soulless, with his cheeks sucked. He had a two-teeth mark on his left side of the neck, and on his abdomen a big scratch as if a beast tore him. But they concluded it as a car accident. Still battling them on the case for that.” Mika ended her story with sadness in her eyes that dimmed their sparkle.

“They took you? Such cold people! You were only a kid! They should have waited for your mom to come back to her senses.” Drake was upset, but the story seemed familiar to him. She was right, it wasn’t an accident. He knew better what kind of creature would have done that. The accident was only a cover, and the criminal had a high status to have such means to cover things up with police involved. It must have been someone from the nine families. Her dad went on something that ended like that. Drake was confused on who the person really was that offended one of the nine families to the state of getting murdered.

“It’s OK. I am glad it was me and not mom. She would have died there to witness that. It gives me a feeling of happiness to at least keep her from that and leave her with only the pleasant memories of him.” She displayed a sunny smile, keeping her eyes on the road.

“You are such a filial daughter. Incredible. You wouldn’t say you are young. Your wisdom amazes me. Can I ask how old you are?” Drake’s interest in her and her story was growing.

“You don’t ask a girl her age! Didn’t your mother teach you that?” She mocked him in a playful mode. “I’m eighteen.”

“Eighteen?! Wow! So, you are young.” He was perplexed. Not that I would have been less older than you, but you are only a kid for God’s sake. His chest was pounding in attraction to her.

“Why surprised?” She smirked.

“No, just that your mind and speech are that of an adult. That’s a good thing. Didn’t want to imply anything else.” He banned his real thoughts.

“Thanks, Drake. You are kind. Oh, there is my company! You can pull over here.” She indicated a near parking lot, taking off her seatbelt, preparing to get out of the car.

“That’s your company? Moridial Pharmaceutics?” Drake was hit by a shock inside. You’ve got to be fucking kidding me! This is Thomas’s new target! The businessman is Master! This is not going to go well. I must go with her! An unknown panic captured Drake to the thought of the following events, and the strange pressure of wanting to protect Mika.

“Yep. That’s me. Alright then, see you later, when I will finish. That is, if you are still willing to wait. I would love to pay for launch as a thanks for driving me here, my new friend!” She had an innocent smile, to show that she really wanted to continue their platonic friendship. In reality, she didn’t have many friends, and Drake seemed a good guy.

“Wait! Are you sure you don’t want me to go with you? It wouldn’t do any harm to have an extra person with you. After all, you’re the CEO there.” Drake attempted to make her accept him going there with her. He had to be there with her.

“It’s fine. I can deal with it. Just wait here. I will try to finish it as fast as I can. See you later!” Mika closed the car’s door without allowing Drake to say more.

“I can’t fucking believe this!” Drake yelled alone in the car, slamming the stirring wheel and taking his shades off. “I have to call Thomas, but he wouldn’t reply in a business meeting. He shuts his phone. I can’t reach the assistant, it’s a delicate matter. What should I do? She’s dead meat in there! Fucking think, Drake!” He panicked, trying to find a way to help Mika, but not disturb or offend Thomas. Last time he did that, thirty years in the past, Master tortured him, badly, for it. Thomas would allow him to do anything he wanted, but not to cross him or disobey his orders. “I have to go upstairs without letting anyone important to see me.” He got down from the car and went on with the plan.

“Madam, here is the agenda and proposal. Sign here for taking over the company, and we shall go in the meeting to deal with the competitor.” Instructed Mr. Vincent Polard, her late dad’s attorney, who was head of the legal department and her dad’s right hand in the past. Vincent Polard was a short plump guy in his fifties and had ginger hair with a start of baldness. He had small blue eyes, thin glasses, and blushed cheeks. A dark grey suit that would scream on him and a bit of a heavy walking were his signature.

“Your son informed me over the contents. Let me check them again. I also am aware of today’s meeting with the shark.” Mika was going through the legal papers again with keen eyes. “Shark” was the term her father used when dealing with people who wanted to buy his business and to all that weren’t good to his business. H had said the same thing about Vincent at one point, that was why her mom was against Polard and his family. Her father hadn’t said why he named him like that. So, Mika needed to be on guard with him, too, just to be sure. “There. I’ve signed it. Let’s go and see this shark!” She stood up from her office with a dignified stance and attitude.

“Madam, please, be careful. This one is no ordinary shark. He’s the big one. He has a sharp tongue and always gets what he wants. He will try to intimidate you, especially seeing you so young. And….” Vincent informed his now CEO while going to the meeting room.

“Don’t worry. It’s to my leverage for him to think like that. I will end this nicely for the company.” Mika owned fire in her eyes, turning into a man CEO like her father had been.

Drake managed to get to the tenth floor of the company where the meeting was and saw Mika with a fat monkey guy hurrying to the meeting room. She’s entering the room. Gosh! Thomas, please, be like last night, and take it easy on her! He placed himself on the corner of the wall in the opposite direction of the meeting room, waiting to hear and see if he needed to go inside as Mika’s person to help her. He didn’t care anymore of what his Master would punish him with. It was worth it, he felt.

“This is our new CEO, Mika Reigna. This is Mr. Thomas DiAngelo, CEO of Shutveil Chemicals, who wants to purchase our company, Madam.” Mr. Vincent introduced the parties for the meeting to start.

Thomas was sitting on the chair like a lion in his kingdom until he saw who the CEO was. He stood up with an intense glare at her. He would never stood up for someone at such a meeting. “Who is she?” He managed to gather himself from the impact and ask.

“The new….” Mr. Vincent wanted to repeat, but Mika interrupted him.

“As you heard, Mr. DiAngelo, I am the new CEO. You may be seated now.” She thundered with a strong voice, sitting down on her spot. “Let’s start the meeting. You aren’t the only one on my agenda today.” She left Thomas perplexed of who she was and how she acted.

He eventually sat down but shaken as he had never been. The creature in front of him was the previous night’s little girl, whom he had saved, turned into a lioness that day in front of him, not remembering who he was, and what he had done to her.

Mika opened the file for the meeting and read from it. “You want to buy my company, mister?” She said in an offensive manner.

“I do, miss Regina.” He mocked her back, accentuating her family’s name, suggesting she was acting like a queen in front of him, but being a miss, meaning a kid, as a fact, and not a madam as the attorney introduced her.

“I am glad you are acknowledging me as a queen, Mr. DiAngelo. Here is my kingdom, and it’s mine all the way.” She let him know she picked up his mockery.

“I didn’t want to offend. I was just answering your question.” Thomas, with same mocking tone in his voice.

“Tell me why you want this company.” She leaned her back on the chair with a stance as her father had, ultimate businessman.

“It’s a good deal and great asset to my group. Sure thing, this company must be a burden for such a young lady as yourself. You don’t seem old enough to know all the streams of running a big company like this. Consider it as my help for you of relieving you of the headaches. You are at the age when you need to meet love and live your life, not to play chess with the big guys. The return of this business will be more than satisfying for you and your family to live on high horses for generations to come. I will make sure of that.” Thomas was attacking her weak spots with a vicious smile.

“I thank you for your concern, Mr. CEO, but I can play more than chess with the big guys. As for your proposal, I have to announce you that it is rejected.” Mika closed the meeting’s file and stood up, ready to go, returning a wicked and full of confidence smile.

“Wait!” Thomas’s voice went a level up that could be heard by Drake outside.

“Something else you need to add, mister?” Mika’s back was at Thomas and her head turned just a bit to hear what he had to say. She didn’t want to stay longer than it was needed. Another thing she had learned from her father.

“This company is mine. It’s only a matter of time when my name will be on it. Why would you want to start a war, when we could just get along and everyone be content?” Thomas threw the “white glove” and “battle glove” on the table, with a twist of his head and a burning glare, for Mika to choose.

Mika turned around to face Thomas with fire in her eyes, jaw clenched, and pulling her shoulders back. She pinned him with her glare. “Bring it on, DiAngelo! I love a bloody war! My dad left me the company as he knew I am best fitted for the position to take it on brighter peaks. No one is to put his dirty hands on my father’s blood, sweat and tears that are the foundation of this company! Now, you can take your shit out and find another prey! Here is a dead end for you! Hope I will never see you again in such circumstances! I must excuse myself as I have more important meetings to attend. Goodbye!” She went out, leaving Thomas with no words or chance to engage in a further discussion.

Vincent bowed his head in front of Thomas and walked after her to attend his new CEO.

Chapter 4 – Truth Be Told

Who is she? Where did she come from?” Thomas snapped at his personal assistant and lawyer. “You said everything will be done in seconds and the deal presents itself with no complications! Since when he had a daughter that I didn’t know of? She wasn’t mentioned in the documents! His wife was to take over and give me the company! She was willing!” Thomas raged, throwing the papers in his men’s faces with discontent.

“We don’t know, it wasn’t supposed to be like this. No one knew his daughter would take over. We didn’t mention her as she was said to live abroad with studies. She’s only eighteen. We didn’t consider she would be made head of the company. His will didn’t state that.” His lawyer, who did all the digging and the documents, defended himself. “She wasn’t even in the country. From what we know, she had to still be in Switzerland.” His personal lawyer was Kyle Lockwood. A lawyer with outstanding academics and successful cases, at the age of 32. He was known for his talent of getting things done fast and feared in the industry. This was his first fail. Kyle was tall and athletic, with brown eyes, chestnut short hair, and chiseled face. His good looks were as known as his professional talent. Among the ladies, he was a player. Never had a serious relationship, but you couldn’t blame him for it, as he spent most of his time doing business for the heavy guys.

“I don’t pay you to not know! I pay you to know!” Thomas barked with fury in his eyes. He stopped speaking, turned to the room’s wide window with his hands in his pockets, staring outside. “OK. Find ways to get back at her. Give me leverages that I can use and subject her to me. At a second thought, this is going to be interesting. I wonder how long she will last in that attitude and confidence. Bring me something to make her kneel in front of me and beg for mercy! Now!” He thundered once more, almost breaking the window’s glass with his voice.

“Yes, sir!” Kyle took his things and went to obey the orders.

Thomas remained with his assistant in the room. Odin Hapkan was a 24-year-old, new to his staff. He resembled Kyle in features but had black hair and eyes. He had been DiAngelo’s personal assistant for the last four years and served him with utmost efficiency. At origins, he had been a thug and involved with a gang as he had no parents since the age of eight. In a fight between gangs he had been injured after going against twenty gang members alone. He had been covered in blood and still fighting to his last breath. Thomas had happened to be around the place with business and stepped in his aid as he had seen his “Alpha” abilities and stubbornness. He had offered him a new life and gave him the position as he was a man with potential, worthy to be beside him.

“Go and do your own research. Give me what I want. Watch her 24/7.” Thomas was game on.

“Consider it as done.” Odin left the room after bowing his head in respect to Thomas.

She sure is something. Who thought you would cross my path twice? You little brat. You want war? I will give you the ‘sweetest’ war ever. You will cry with those fiery eyes and will kneel to let you live in peace. Look whom I fucking saved! I had to have a soft spot for this wicked brat last night! Thomas was having mixed feelings for Mika. He did like her attitude and confidence. He even loved her stance and way of approach as he saw himself in her. The brat had potential. Those eyes…. They tickled my guts and shut me down. You speared me with those eyes. Such a fiery woman! I like that. I will bring it on, lovely, don’t you worry. I will have you and your body in no time. Just you wait. Ha-ha! He thought with excitement, changing his line of thoughts, becoming interested in the person and having perverted thoughts.

After hearing Thomas’s reaction, Drake knew hard times are on the horizon. Mika needed protection. His Master was a vicious, sly person when he wanted and regarding business. He went down to his car and waited for Mika to come.

Mika went into her main office to clear some duty she had for her first day in the company and told Vincent she would be back in a few hours to inspect departments.

“Sorry for the delay, my friend! We can go and have lunch! I’m hungry!” She was getting into Drake’s car with such a life appetite.

“Is everything alright? It seems your mood changed fast after the meeting. You didn’t want to eat at breakfast and now you look like you are starving!” Drake was enjoying her fresh mood and persona. He was amazed how she dealt with each situation. She appeared stronger and different with every minute he stayed with her. A business meeting with Thomas would have left men in tears, trembling. Some even committed suicide because of how he would attack them and their companies. But Mika was getting positive force and strength to go on. She sure was no weak soul or woman.

“I am starving! I battled a shark! This white shark needs to eat now! I never eat dirty sharks. I just dump them! Ha-ha! Let’s go to Divar restaurant! It’s classy, and the menu is delish!” She was happy to go and eat, having a growling stomach and a dried mouth.

“I know the place. We will be there in five.” Drake fancied the restaurant she picked.

The restaurant had French, Italian and Asian cuisine. They were known to have only VIP clients. Chefs would rival to get into the place and represent the restaurant. It was one of Thomas DiAngelo’s restaurants. His business covered all fields and had only the cream of each industry. Anyhow, Mika was not updated on this, reason she still favored the restaurant.

A waiter took them to a private table and had their orders. Mika ordered the best dishes and drinks to celebrate making a new friend and putting down a shark.

“I feel happy now.” Mika was sincere, after drinking half of fresh squeezed orange juice glass with ice.

“Happy for?” Drake was feeling happy she was happy.

“For making a new friend! Cheers to you! It feels great to have someone to talk to and wait for you to spill the news! My best friend was dad. I could speak with him about anything. Since he died, I can’t do that anymore. Now, I have you!” She owned a bitter-sweet mood.

“I am sorry you have lost your dad. It must be tough on you. I will always be there for you, don’t worry. I am happy we are friends.” Drake was thinking with a clenched heart of the moment she would find out about his connection with Thomas. “So, what’s on your agenda for today?” He had real interest.

“Well, I need to buy a new phone. Then, I will have to go to my new place, as I moved from home to be near the company. Luggage and stuff must have arrived yesterday. After that, I still have some short meetings and inspections for taking over the company. This week will be hell week for me. I know the company by heart, but I still need to adjust to the inside environment. Eh, I will get used to it in no time.” She freely spoke with Drake like she would with an old friend. Mika sensed him as a reliable person and a true friend. Hence, she would act like they knew each other in forever.

“I took a day off today, so I can stay with you and help if you want me to.” Drake wanted to keep a close eye on her; he knew Thomas would not leave things off the hook.

“Oh, that would be too much to ask and accept. Don’t worry, I can take care of things. You did plenty already. I am sure your boss will not be very content with you taking a whole day off to assist me. You should go back. We can meet again another time. I will text you my new phone number later.” Mika declined his offer, thinking it could harm him in front of his boss. After all, she bugged them too much already. Kindness shouldn’t be profited on unlimited lengths, she thought.

“I need to confess something, Mika.” Drake was changing his tone into a serious, guilty one.

“OK, but don’t have that straight face on me!” She giggled, binging from her plate and savoring the food. “It can’t be that bad!” She continued with her mouth full.

“It is. But please listen to me until the end and don’t overthink it. OK?” Drake pleaded with puppy eyes.

“You know you are scary right now, don’t you?” Mika gasped his grimace after swallowing the food she had in her mouth.

“When I saw your company, and you told me you’re the new CEO, I knew who the businessman, you mentioned in the morning, was.” Drake started confessing with sadness in his eyes and clenching his jawline.

“That was what you wanted to confess? Ha-ha! That’s alright. You feel guilty for not telling me about him? No worries, I was informed beforehand about him. You couldn’t tell me more than I already knew. Stop feeling guilty.” She was binge eating again.

“I haven’t finished.” His chest was heavy, and his heart was beating it. “Thomas DiAngelo is…,” he paused a little, “my boss.” He kept her stare, hoping it won’t be the end of them.

“You say what?!” She yelled, chocking with her food.

“Here! Drink some water!” He gave her his glass of water.

She took the glass, drank, and gasped for air. “Are you kidding me? He is your boss?” Mika was not believing that.

“Yes, he is. But I didn’t know, and I am sure he didn’t either, that the girl from last night, would be his now nemesis. You need to be careful with him. He’s a big shot, and never leaves unfinished business. What he wants, he takes. No matter what. I am not trying to portray him in a bad light. He’s not in fact a bad guy. He’s honest and cool. But in business, he’s fierce. He never cares for the other party. I don’t want you to get hurt. So, be alert and make sure your moves aren’t watched. His eyes and ears are everywhere. I can’t say more, as I am his people, but I am also your friend, and I have to let you know for your own protection. Don’t cross or provoke him in any way. He’s dangerous.” He was true to his words, hoping she would be safe and wouldn’t reject him from her life after telling her the truth.

“I have a headache.” She put aside her dish and held her head with her hands, elbows on the table.

“I’m sorry. I had to tell you. I didn’t want you to find out later and be angry with me for not being honest. These two are separate things. He doesn’t have a say in who my friends are. I feel a strong connection with you and the need to be at your side. I can’t explain in words why, but it is the truth. And I don’t want this to get between us, especially at the beginning of our friendship.” His eyes were on her, praying she would not get mad and walk away. That would hurt him to his core.

“You guys didn’t know me last night?” She was scanning him and his reaction with meticulous eyes.

“No.” He promptly answered.

“Not even him?” She was rubbing her temples.

“He had no idea. Thomas was the one who took you back from the forest and protected you. He ordered us to bring the doctor and investigate the other car that chased you.” He confessed half the truth, avoiding the worst part, which thankfully, she would never remember.

Chapter 5 – A Black Car…

I see. He wasn’t so good today. Though I don’t remember him from last night, he should have remembered me. However, he acted like he never knew me, and he went on with his business attack. What am I supposed to get from that?” She was analyzing the situation.

“He separates his personal life from his business one. That’s the way he is with everyone. If he knew you will be at that meeting, for sure he wouldn’t leave home this morning and would speak to you directly with no legal people around. If he wanted to leverage from that, he would do it that way. It would be the perfect atmosphere to get the things his way. So, no, he didn’t know your identity, and he was only acting in the name of his business at the meeting. I can vouch on that as I know him for years. I am his closest person. Nobody knows him better than I do.” Drake was talking to her like he never did with someone, except for Thomas. He was cold in general and a man of few words. Anyhow, she would make him talk and share with her personal stuff.

“OK, stop. Because we are friends, I don’t want to know more about him and put you in a wrong spot. You are loyal to him and you should remain like that. Being friends with me, we need to not get involved in more than our friendship as people. Business matters between me and him should not be present in our discussions or information transferred to your people or mine. What we speak from now on, should be kept confidential between us. That’s my condition if you want to continue being friends. I appreciate your honesty and your desire to keep me from harm’s way. That is why, I have conditions and not walking away.” Mika valued honesty and things said before being found out. She knew she had to be reserved still, but she could understand his feelings and wants. So, she agreed to give him a chance to be friends as he was a warm guy with whom she could freely speak. It was rare for her to be able to manifest like that around people. Not because she was shy or something, but because everyone had wolf skin around her, ready to devour her, for her status and company. Little did she know that Drake was not only a real wolf, but an Alpha on top of that. One of the greatest werewolves which existed until then, but he was a cute puppy in front of her.

“I can promise that and keep my word all the way. Thomas will find out about our friendship. I can’t hide that from him. But I will not divulge what we speak, or what we do, no matter what. Though he will keep an eye on everything. It’s in his nature to find out and watch over things. I don’t know how he would be in private, but I think you should consider a private meeting with him and tell him your real reasons for not selling. I am certain you will reach common grounds and maybe he will give up on taking your company. Why don’t you try? I am able to set a meeting for you with him.” Drake attempted to bring peace among his now two favorite people.

“That’s out of the question. If he acted like that, he wouldn’t change his mind. He might sweeten the offer, but never giving up. He emphasized that enough at our official meeting.” She refused with good reasons Drake’s suggestions.

“You might be right. He is like that. You read him well. You don’t cease to surprise me with your mature thinking.” He complimented her with a smile hanging on his lips. Drake was so into her at that point that he couldn’t back off and stay away. He cherished every second, every minute he was with her. He was attracted by her looks, mind, soul, heart, everything. At the same time, he loathed Thomas for his reaction towards her.

“Well, I need to go buy stuff and check things on my agenda. You go back, and I will call you in the evening.” She was ending the meeting as it was late for her, still having a busy schedule.

“Promise?” He raised his left eyebrow and flashed a smirk.

“Promise. I wouldn’t lie to you. And if I would, you know where to find me, so there’s no need to lie to you, Drake. I will call you at eight. Is it OK for you?” She was coming back to her friendly and happy persona with him.

“Perfect. Thanks for understanding and not being mad on me.” These were his true feelings.

“Why would I be mad on you? It’s not like you knew. It just happened that way. I can understand that and accept it. Drake, I may be a kid at age, but I am already well-versed with people and their characters. I can spot a lie from a mile. I must admit that I sense there’s more to it, but you can’t tell me about it. And what I perceive is that it is not a pleasant thing. Nonetheless, I respect your privacy and the confidentiality you keep for your boss, so, I let it go. You don’t have to explain. I am thankful you were honest and shared with me what you could. That qualifies you to be my friend. Now, let’s go.” She gave a friendly order with her head attached with a genuine smile.

“Don’t! I will pay. I am the man here.” He fished out his wallet, though the staff knew him as he managed the place when Thomas wasn’t around. When he entered with Mika in the restaurant, he signaled behind her to the waiter not to greet him.

“Silly, it’s already paid. I have an open account here. After our orders were taken, it was already paid. This was my dad’s favorite place, and the company pays for meals or events here. You can pay next time, just to be fair, if that’s what you want.” Mika was relaxed and enjoyed her new friend. She didn’t see him as a man, but as an older brother and friend. She was like that with all the men and boys. Never got herself involved romantically with someone. She didn’t have time for that, nor she wanted. Other priorities had been in place for her and continued to be as such. 

Thomas happened to go there and witness the entire conversation between Mika and Drake. Drake? Don’t tell me you are into her. That’s never going to happen. She is mine. You will not be allowed to touch her. Friends? Don’t make me laugh! I can smell you are in heats for her…. He was watching them leaving the restaurant.

“Don’t forget to text me your number!” Drake reminded Mika as he went to his car.

“I won’t! I will go now to the shop nearby and buy one. Talk later! Bye! Drive safe!” Mika waved her hand. She then resumed her itinerary to buy a new phone.

Drake had no intention to leave her, but agreed he needed to give her some space. It would be better to keep an eye on her from afar.

Thomas exited the restaurant and tailed Mika. His mind was occupied with her. Nothing was more important to him than her. He was drawn to her like a magnet. His feet went their own way behind Mika at a safe distance, not to be noticed. He saw her making a stop at a flower shop. She bought a dozen white roses. A black car was following her.

“Mika Reigna?” The man in the car was growing his eyes at her realizing who she was.

“Yes?” She was turning around to see who asked her name.

The man went down from the car and towards her. “No time, no see! How are you? Don’t you remember me?” His arms were opened, waiting for a hug, his eyes were twinkling, and his lips were curving into a mischievous smile.

“Lawrence? Is that you?” Mika identified her childhood friend whom she hadn’t seen for years, since she went abroad for studies. Lawrence Schemewhich was a family friend as their parents were besties. He was six years older than her and now the heir of Kingteg Real Estate Group, one of the biggest companies in real estate and constructions. He took over his family’s business at the age of 21. His appearance was that of a fatal man, with dark blonde wavy hair, green eyes, sturdy built, and one head taller than Mika. Lawrence had the aura of an idol. Many girls always had a crush on him since he had been a teenager. Though he would pose in a gentleman most of the times, headlines from gossip magazines screamed of his scandals and bad boy attitude. Some had said they were only rumors and attempts to throw with dirt on his name, some had believed them and condemned him for it. However, neither him, nor his business could care less about it, as he was prosperous and had a big name.

“At least you remember me!” He grabbed her in a big hug, a bit tighter than necessary. He had a crush on her for some years now, since he had seen one of her pictures on her mom’s phone, when she had praised Mika on how beautifully she had grown, to his mom. He had even asked Mika’s mom to send him the picture on his phone to have it.

“How could I forget you? How long has it been? Seven years?” She made conversation topic and pulled back from his embrace, slowly, not to offend him. She really didn’t like to be touched by no one more than it was normal.

“Yeah, about seven years. Look at you! You are such a beautiful young lady now! Wow! Can’t believe my eyes! You were only a kid when you left. I missed you and our time together!” He complimented her, scanning everything with lustful eyes. He wasn’t a man to wait when he liked something.

“Missed you, too. Well, I couldn’t remain a kid, right? Though I wish I could…” Mika’s eyes went gloomy.

“Your dad…. I know. I was there at his funeral three months ago. But you weren’t there. Your mom said you were still abroad.” Lawrence showed interest in why she hadn’t been present at her dad’s funerals.

“I had exams at that time, and mom didn’t tell me about it. She made sure I would not be affected in my studies. I was devastated for keeping such things from me. I am still very upset about it.” She lied, but she had reasons to let everyone know she wasn’t in the country, though she had never been abroad. Her dad sent her in the countryside, somewhere safe, with well trained teachers to prepare her for when she would take over the company.

“I dealt with everything. Your mom didn’t tell me your new number and couldn’t reach you for all these years. Your dad gave me the same attitude. When I would ask about you, he would change the subject, telling me you are busy studying, and no one is to interfere with that. I found it strange but couldn’t do anything.” He explained for why he hadn’t been in touch which was the truth.

“My mom told me you were her support for the funerals and helped her with business. Thanks for that. I am forever indebted to you. You took my place. Can’t thank you enough.” She said with genuine thoughts.

“No need to thank me. I did what I was supposed to. Your dad was like my uncle. He helped my family in various occasions. It was only normal to at least do that for him. And we are childhood friends, you know I will always be there for you.” He put his hand on her shoulder in sign of comfort. “Let’s get a drink and talk more! I would love to hear more about you! Lots of catching up!” He invited her to spend some quality time together.

“I have to take a raincheck on that I’m afraid. I am very busy this week with taking over the company and all. I will call you when I do have some free time, and we will talk more. Hope you don’t mind, Lawrence.” Mika rejected his offer. She didn’t want to give explanations to no one. She wasn’t ready for that.

“Aww! Come on! You can’t do this to me! I waited for so long! Not fair!” He pouted with his arms crossed.

“Don’t be like that. I am serious. We will talk, but not now. I have moved from home. I have some personal things to take care of, and to go back to the company and deal with some things.” She defended her refusal, providing valid reasons.

“I can help you with that! And it will be faster. Wait! You moved from home?” He was intrigued by that because Mika would never leave her home, except for when she was off with studies. He knew how attached she was to her family and home. Even as a kid, she wouldn’t fancy going out of her house’s premises to play. She had always said she felt safe there. And when she had left for studies, she had cried two days and two nights; she didn’t want to go.

“I have no other way. The company is here, and I need to be closer to it. Mom is not going to leave the house. So, I will be on my own. I got used to it in all these years. Don’t worry.” She cleared the situation.

“Alright. Here’s my card. Call me as soon as possible. Give me your number.” Lawrence took out his phone to save her phone number.

“I have recently lost my phone. I was just going to buy a new one. I will text you my new number afterwards. See you next time! I really need to go now. Bye!” She cut the conversation short and walked away, keeping the flowers tight to her chest.

“Bye! Don’t forget to call!” He yelled after her, a bit disappointed in grimace.

When Lawrence first hugged Mika under the eyes of both Drake and Thomas, they had the nudge to go and murder him. They both saw, from where each stood, Drake in his car, and Thomas across the street, Mika wasn’t willing for such closeness. If she didn’t cut the encounter short and left, their patience would reach superior limits, and blood would be spilled. 

Chapter 6 – Obsession and Werewolves’ Attack

Thomas and Drake watched her moves all that day. She bought a new phone, a new black sports car and went to her dad’s grave. She spent an hour there, crying and speaking to her dad’s picture. She blamed him for not telling her and leaving her alone. She said something about her mom, too, but didn’t express everything, so, it was confusing what she had against her mother. The reason was unknown, but it made her leave the house and live alone from then on.

At dusk, she came home at her new place, after spending a few hours at the company. Mika’s feet were trembling, her head was heavy, and her heart pounced. She took off her shoes, threw her purse on one of the living room’s armchairs, undressed her jacket and plunged on the sofa, without turning on the lights. It was dark inside the house. Only the moonlight would light the living room. She fell in a deep sleep.

At around midnight, her heart ached so piercing that she woke up screaming and gasping for air. When she could come to her senses, she felt a presence with her in the room. The moment she turned her head to the empty armchair in front of her, she saw a solid man shape, with his leg crossed on the other, like men sit, having a glass in his right hand, staring at her. Mika was paralyzed with fear but didn’t scream. Moonlight was revealing her porcelain skin and depths of her cleavage and empty shoulders. “If you want money, I can give to you! Name your price!” She said on a low yet strong, confident voice.

“My price? Hmm…. Your company. How about that?” Answered the man in the darkness with a husky calm voice.

“Who are you?” She demanded.

The man put his glass on the coffee table and stood up. His black suit pants and white shirt, unbuttoned at his neck, revealing a portion of his muscular chest, could be seen when he shortened the distance between them.

“Keep your distance!” She ordered, jumping on her feet.

“Don’t be afraid, Mika. I am not here to harm you. Not my intention, Reigna.” The man accentuated her family name for a hint of who he was.

Hearing the man’s tonality when he pronounced her name, she immediately identified the owner of the voice. “DiAngelo?!”

“Smart. Yes.” He replied, approaching her in the darkness.

“What are you doing here? How did you enter in my house? Are you crazy? Get out! Now!” She yelled, having her blood boiling inside.

“This is my house, darling. I’m the owner of the building, and soon enough, yours as well.” He threatened her on a low voice.

“Say what? I’m calling the police! You explain to them!” She snapped, searching for the phone to do what she said. The fear she had at the beginning was replaced with rage. His person repugned her. She couldn’t stand him. She turned to find the phone, and Thomas took her into his arms with his chest and body glued to her back, keeping her tight.

“I said you are infectious, and I wasn’t wrong.” He whispered to her right ear.

“Take your hands off me! Are you fucking crazy?! How dare you enter my house without permission and grabbing me like this? This is assault!” She was trying with all her might to pull herself out of his arms.

Thomas turned her with her back on the near wall pressing himself on her, with his face an inch distance from hers.

Mika felt his breath fanning her lips, and his body on fire. Her breasts were stuck in his hard muscles. Her breath was shortened. She sensed how he sniffed gently her neck, playing his hand through her hair on her right side. She knew he was out of control, when a faint tremble came from him. “If you don’t get out this instant, I am going to kill you.” She announced her intentions on a serious voice.

Thomas was so absorbed into her, that he couldn’t hear her. Only mumbles he perceived. He wanted her right there and then. His head was dizzy from her smell, and his lips and being were hungry to devour hers. He didn’t care about anything. All he knew was that she was his, and only his. His heart decided she was the one. Red Moon had stopped him that night to kill her because she was fated to him. Hundreds of years passed, yet he had never been in love in the true sense. This time, he came to realization that she was his bride, and what he had been waiting for. Her last word was the moment he took her lips and kissed her profoundly without stopping. Thomas didn’t want to cease, nor he would. Mika was sweet as honey for his lips and tongue, her body was like a passion fruit he would softly squeeze towards him.

She escaped her right hand from his and strongly pushed him off of her, touching his chest. It was a failed try. He was strong as a bull. She had no chance to free herself from his dangerous embrace. Mika moved her head with force, left and right, to attempt unlocking from the poisonous kiss. Her heart was booming, and her body was becoming weak. It wasn’t safe for her. She didn’t see another way out than biting his lower lip. And she did. Blood from him was on her lips and mouth as she pierced his lip.

Thomas laughed, stopping for a split of a second, and resuming his passionate kiss. He had no concern over anything. The only effect that had on him was only to deepen his excitement and desire.

“Aren’t you ashamed to do this to a young girl?!” She finally managed to pull out from his lips, screaming at him, inhaling and exhaling with difficulty.

His eyes matched hers and then back to her mouth, and on to her eyes. “Ashamed? Why would I be ashamed?” He asked, still nailing her to the wall, not moving an inch. He could hear her heartbeats like drums as his hearing was augmented. Her blood circulation was pumping.

“An old guy like you, would never be my choice as a love partner! Get off me! You psycho!” She fidgeted in his arms, firing him with her eyes.

“Old guy? You might be right. But you are mine. I shall make you my wife.” He agreed and made known his intentions. His age was old, but his youthful appearance was perfect fit to hers.

“You are trying everything to put your hands on my company? Marrying me is a free ticket to it? Ha-ha! Think again. I will never marry a guy like you! I despise you and you disgust me! Let go!” She confronted him.

“You will marry me. That’s not debatable.” He wasn’t impressed by her negative words.

“I’m never going to marry you! You are delirious! Back off!” She commanded, pushing him off with success this time.

“Delirious? No, darling. You will see soon enough. You will have a surprise tomorrow morning. I’m sure I’ll even get a phone call from you.” He winked at her.

“Surprise? What surprise?” Mika knew he was game on for her company, but she was intrigued on the development of events. Him wanting to marry her was something she would never take into consideration. Thomas was vicious, as Drake warned her.

“I won’t ruin the….” He was interrupted by a pack of four werewolves which entered the house and cornered them, growling, with their dangerous position, ready to attack. Thomas put Mika behind him. “Don’t move, don’t leave my back. Whatever you will see at me, don’t be scared. I am not going to harm you. For these ones, I will make no promises.” He whispered without turning to face Mika, keeping his eyes on them.

“What are those? How did they enter?” Mika saw the glowing ruby eyes the wolves had, and their abnormal dimensions.

“Stay back. Better, close your eyes.” He advised right before first wolf made its attack on him. Thomas revealed his true nature, and fought with the wolf, sending him through the closed window. One werewolf caught a free way to Mika and proceeded its cat and mouse game with her, while the other two kept Thomas busy for a while.

Mika ran upstairs, shaken on what she saw, Thomas not being an ordinary human, and the beast that was after her. She closed the door to her room, locked it, and looked around for something to strengthen it. A chair was in sight, she made use of it.

The creature scratched the door, bouncing it hard, almost crashing it open, when a ferocious, crying howl was heard, followed by a thundering fall on the ground. The beast ceased its attack.

Mika, with reticence to approach the door, mustered courage, and opened it. Horror was set in front of her eyes, but she didn’t scream. She had her mouth opened, heart in the neck, and her feet and arms couldn’t move.

Thomas had the beast at his feet, dead, with the creature’s heart in his hand. His white shirt was now ripped off, full of blood and severe wounds on his body. With his eyes of the beast he was himself, and revealing fangs, he met Mika’s.

“What…are…you?” She finally could ask.

“Are you afraid?” He threw aside the bloody heart he held.

“Afraid? I don’t know. Shocked? Yes….” She replied with a low voice staring at the dead creature on the floor. “These aren’t wolves, are they?”

“Werewolves, like Drake.” He answered without caring what she was to find out next.

Chapter 7 – I Will Kill You!

I thought he was a werewolf, and you a vampire. Still, why am I involved in this?” She spoke her mind, searching around with her gaze, trying to figure out the real situation, leaving Thomas wondering how she knew, and why wasn’t she terrified. “I did had training for this, but I thought dad was only exaggerating. Now, I understand. But what am I supposed to do next?” She continued without realizing Thomas was there. She was like Sherlock Holmes, attempting to find details and put the puzzle together.

“You knew? How did you know? Then, you remember last night? Who are you?” He rumbled questions on Mika, with seed of confusion.

“You know who I am. The owner of the company you want to buy.” She gave the explanation, having a cold attitude. It was like she was a different persona. “Did you kill my dad?” She bluntly asked, having her back towards Thomas, taking something from her makeup stand.

“Kill your father?” He replied, surprised by the question.

“Answer.” She didn’t move, waiting for his confession.

“And what if I did? What is a girl like you going to do?” He mocked her, chuckling.

Hearing that, she turned and plunged over him, with a silver dagger in her hand, with the intention to terminate him.

“Wow! Knock it off!” He caught her hand which was aiming his heart. Her eyes were launching fire spears once again, her jaw was clenched and had a perilous force and stance.

“You murderer! I’m going to fucking kill you! You killed my father! Why? What did he do to you? He didn’t let you have the company? For that?!” She screamed, forcing the dagger to cut his heart and turn him into ashes. She was for revenge.

“Yes, I killed your father.” He delivered the confession Mika asked for. “The company will be mine, and you, my bride. How about that? Sounds good?” He thrilled her nerves on Hell’s notes.

“Son of a bitch! I will kill you!” Mika put all her might, clashed a punch on his left cheek, and retracted her hand with the dagger.

Thomas was set a step behind, bursting into a crazy laughter. “You are really something! Worthy to be my partner!”

“I will be your Grim Reaper! You can be sure of that!” She threw the dagger to his heart.

“That is not going to happen. And this, is not going to kill me.” He said, catching the dagger, plunging it on the window, nailing it on the cold ground of the night.

“Your bride? Who on Earth would accept you after you killed my dad? Monster! You ugly monster, with that ugly soul, and ugly heart! You have a troubled mind as well!” She wasn’t afraid of him, only rage poured through her veins. Her heart was crazy, and her head was spinning, recollecting all the training she was put through and all her father’s warnings. Her dad had told her that a man would come and buy the company after his death, if that was going to happen. She wasn’t sure of who the person would be, as there were a number of men who asked for the same thing.

“Ha-ha! Ugly? There is a crowded line of women ready to be with me, happy to serve me. You should consider yourself lucky I picked you among those!” He voiced with a superiority air.

“In Hell is even a thicker line of such women, waiting for your Highness!” She madly replied, with killer glares.

Thomas hadn’t the will to hear additional threats, grabbed her in his arms and jumped with her through the opened window. He seated her in his car, fighting her to stay put, and drove away, aiming his mansion. “Tomorrow we will sign the marriage papers. They are ready, with your father’s blessings.”

“Say what?!” She tried to open the car’s door.

“No worries. I won’t touch you until after the ceremony. Your mother will be there as well. I have her blessings, too.” He informed her, pulling her in the car, as she managed to slightly open the door, attempting to jump.

“Oh! I will so kill you! Your blood will be on my hands! That’s going to be my marriage gift to you!” She professed, taking the steering wheel with her left hand and taking the car on the right side of the road.

“You want to get hurt? I won’t get killed in a car accident.” He pulled over on a forestry road.

Mika opened the door and started running in the woods barefoot. She didn’t have slippers or shoes, as everything rolled fast.

Thomas caught her. “I am destined to be your husband. Your father knew that! Instead, he kept you away for so long, covering up your existence from me! But he was smart. He left with his lawyer a legal document, with instructions. You are to take over the company on condition to be my wife!”

Mika was puzzled, not believing a word, fidgeting in Thomas’s arms. “I don’t believe that! You must have forged the documents! My father wouldn’t give me to a beast! He would never! And you killed him!”

“Past is past! Hate me, whatever! But this is how things are and will be!” Thomas took her against her will back to the car.

“I can’t believe this!” She cried.

Mika didn’t make a sound all the way to Thomas’s house, just tears would come down her cheeks. She couldn’t accept, or trust, his words. She decided to play the game and see what was next. Why did those werewolves attack Thomas and her? Something was off. Did he have enemies? Or, were they after her? She needed to see Drake. And she would, at Thomas’s place.

Inside the mansion, Olivia was waiting on the sofa, in a tight black dress, with a deep cleavage, revealing her rounded upper part of her breasts, and cut along her left leg at hip length. She would emanate a faint lilac smell. Her long, heavy black hair was covering her right shoulder, leaving her left side of the neck in plain sight. She resembled a goddess. 

Chapter 8 – Kiss The Walls Like Last Times

Drake entered the house first, after dealing with a last-minute duty, Thomas sent him to do, before evening time. It was a complicated matter, him being the one able to see to it. He had some injuries on his abdomen and left arm, but he wouldn’t complain about.

“Drake? Coming home so late, babe?” Olivia smirked.

“Witch? How many failed times did you have with Thomas? Isn’t it enough for your pride?” He replied, going at the bar, serving himself with a Jack on the rocks, the favorite drink in the mansion, to alleviate the daily horrors. 

“Do I sense love on you? Yes…. Infectious hormone, babe….” She harassed his back, sniffing around him, becoming excited.

“Witch? Keep your distance. I’m not Thomas.” He rejected her, taking her hand off him, and going to sit on an armchair.

“I have my ace in the sleeve this time, babe. He has a price to pay. I will choose how it will be paid. Hmm…. I shall dance under the sheets tonight….” She said, closing her eyes, picturing her reward when Thomas would reach home. “He can’t refuse me this time. Ha-ha!” Olivia resumed her stay on the couch, to welcome Thomas.

“Good luck with that! Don’t come to me crying when he will make you kiss the walls like last times.” Drake chuckled. “You know he is not into you. You only annoy him.” He had a man’s pose, with his legs crossed, sitting relaxed, glaring at the witch, scanning her with his black eyes. “You are a femme fatale, but some men are into something else. Thomas is part of them. Better stop being stubborn.”

“Why did you kill my father?” Mika screamed outside to Thomas who was dragging her in the house.

“Who’s that?” asked Olivia, waiting an answer from Drake.

Drake identified it was Mika, and jumped on his feet, ready to go outside, wondering why she would accuse Thomas of killing her father. He knew that wasn’t true.

“Because I wanted to. Let’s go inside!” He took her in his arms and stepped inside.

“What are you doing?” yelled Olivia, seeing him with Mika hanging in the air in his arms. An image which pierced her heart, left her in pain, wanting to murder someone.

“What’s going on? What are you doing to Mika?” asked Drake, visibly angry, and stepping forward to take Mika from Thomas.

“I dare you to come near, Drake! See what happens next!” threatened Thomas, nailing him with vampire eyes.

“Let me go!” Mika tossed in his arms to free herself. “I want to speak to Drake! Now!”

“Why speak to Drake? I am your husband, he’s my subject. He doesn’t have a say over me.” said Thomas, not having a single thought to listen to her demands.

Olivia was in shock when she heard “husband”. She was banning the word from her mind, wishing she had heard it wrong. Her body was trembling, fire burned inside, and her head was a volcano, ready to erupt.

Drake remained as shocked as Olivia. He couldn’t believe what Thomas was saying, looking from Thomas back to Mika and then again at Thomas. “Her husband? Since when?”

“Same question here!” exclaimed Olivia, feeling betrayed, demanding explanations for the tragedy of her heart.

“We will officially marry tomorrow, but the documents are already signed since 16 years ago.” Thomas confessed, leaving everybody with their jaws dropped, gaining silence around him. Even Mika was quiet, glaring at Thomas, with expanded eyes, holding her hands on him, not to fall.

“Say what?” Mika erupted, apparently her most used question lately.

“As you heard, honey. We could say we are happily married for the last 16 years. But starting officially tomorrow. So, be good and drop the aggressiveness. It’s not good for our marriage.” He winked, attempting a kiss, however, receiving a slap which was heard inside the mansion.

Both Olivia and Drake held their breath, not wanting to see Thomas’s cruel reaction, as they knew he would in any other situation. Not that he would subject himself to such a thing. No one would dare or reach him to act that. The person would be dead the next second.

Ha-ha! So, you don’t want to wait until after tomorrow’s ceremony. That is something I will wholeheartedly agree with. It’s not as if we aren’t legal now. We can start our intimacy if that’s your desire, my sweet angel. You choose, I will be your servant.” His eyes were dancing full of lust and excitement, hell’s flames were melting her.

“You brute and pervert! Put me down this instant! I will fucking kill you! Don’t provoke me! Devil!” She reacted violently in his arms, but to no avail. He was no match to her.

“You said you didn’t know her!” Olivia started to launch a scandal. “But you are husband and wife?”

“It’s not your business, witch! How come you are here? I didn’t summon you!” He thundered.

“I came to take my reward for saving her! The price you have to pay!” She reminded him, forcing a change of things.

“Drake will make sure you will be paid. Tell him what you want, he will give you. Go now!” He ordered, as a Master over them.

“You didn’t hear what the price is! You said you will pay me whatever, just to save her!” She argued, pointing at Mika, with pain in her eyes.

“Save me? From what?” Mika intervened, confused over the word-slapping between the two.

“When he bit you and sucked the life out of you! He made me bring you back to life! That’s your fated husband!” Olivia divulged the secret, distorted a bit, triumphant for seeding wrath among them.

“What?! He killed me?! Put me down! Now!” She punched him repeatedly to be released but failed.

“I didn’t kill you! It’s not that bad as she described. There were some circumstances that lead to that. Not that I wanted to harm you.” Thomas defended himself, looking back at Olivia, with murdering eyes.

Olivia had a foxy smile, pleased with the result.

Drake was speechless. His world collapsed. He was raging inside, not wanting to accept the situation. “Put her down, Thomas!” He growled, with eyes changing into his imprint beast.

“You two! Get out! Now!” Thomas gave his last warning for them to keep their safety. It was too long he maintained his calm and patience with them. He took Mika up the staircase, aiming his bedroom, to have privacy from them, and clear some things up with her. His wounds were healed outside, but inside it was burning still from the werewolves’ poison. He needed some rest, peace and quiet. Her presence near him made him recover faster.

Drake tailed him to take Mika, yet Thomas released a wave of energy that sent him down the stairs, pressuring him, unable to move.

“I told you to never disobey me! Don’t ask for unnecessary trouble!” He barked at Drake.

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