Chapter 43 – Hot Night. In Her Terms… |Members Only| Icy Shots On A Hot Billionaire

Chapter 43


I walk to the bar’s counter, with my eyes not escaping her sight, take a glass and put it on with a noise, slam ice cubes in it, pour fucking whisky in it, roll the content with the glass in my hand, me all fuming, not taking my eyes from her, and have some. Then, with my glass in my right hand, go at the table, on the chair in front of her, push some papers away, pushing them with calm, I don’t want to make her go crazy on me on this, to make room in front of me, and slam the glass on the table, not breaking it, but with a loud noise. I’m raging in body, all tensed up, on the fucking chair, in front of her, but she’s ignoring me. Like I’m not even here.

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